Working Mums Healthier than Non-Working Peers

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 19, 2012

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Working mums healthier than non working peersTo do the research, French and co-author Sarah Damaske of Pennsylvania State University examined over 2,540 women, who became mothers between 1978 and 1995. They found that women, who return to full-time work soon after having kids reported to have had a greater mental and physical health including more energy, better mobility and less depression by the time they were 40.

Keeping aspects, such as pre-pregnancy employment, cognitive ability, prior health conditions, single motherhood and age at first birth in consideration, it was found that the choices that women make in their career early may affect their health later. French said that work is good for health only physically but also mentally because working given women a sense of self-efficacy, purpose, autonomy and control.

French also brought into light the various benefits that working full time has against the vices of working part time some of which include lower pay, less job security and poor chances of promotion. Moreover, women staying at home tend to face financial dependence and a greater degree of social isolation. French advises young women to get education and build a stable work history before having a baby.



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