Attention! Fear of pregnancy could be a serious medical condition

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Oct 09, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Tokophobia is the fear of pregnancy
  • It is a physiological condition
  • It is as real as any other condition
  • Women suffering from tokophobia may not want to have children

What may seem like a normal fear of getting pregnant can actually be a medical condition. Sounds weird? It does, but the psychological fear of pregnancy is real and there is even a medical term for it called Tokophobia. The condition can be an outcome of personal experiences or an intense fear of pain associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy phobia

Tokophobia can have a devastating effect on a woman similar to child abuse and other traumatizing experiences. Although most women do not fear pregnancy and that too to such an extant, those who have the condition may even quit their desire to get pregnant completely.

The fear is most common among women who have had experiences from previous pregnancy. Women who go through extremely painful labour or caesarean section may develop extreme fear of pregnancy as they can't bear the thought of going through the traumatic experience again. Women suffering from Tokophobia often start believing that having a child is not possible for them as they can go through the fearful phase of pregnancy.

Therefore, as it usually appears, childbirth is not always a joyful experience and some women may be going through a hell lot by just thinking of getting pregnant.

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