Happy Father’s Day 2019: 6 Health Tips for Dads

This Father’s Day, we want to tell all the fathers that they are important and we want them to stick around longer. Here is some health tips for fathers who neglect their health.

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MarriageWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 16, 2018Updated at: Jun 14, 2019
Happy Father’s Day 2019: 6 Health Tips for Dads

Fathers aren’t always appreciated for what they do for their kids. Without a second motive, they shape their lives around their kids’ lives to make them feel appreciated and motivate their children at every step of their way so that they can have a brighter and a better future. Today, the aim is to appreciate all the fathers in the world for their sheer existence and impact they have had on the people around them.

This Father’s Day, we want to tell all the fathers that they are important and we want them to stick around longer. Here is some health advice to fathers who neglect their health:

Give your Health Priority

In the turmoil of life, fathers forget about their own health and prioritize their work and family. These two are extremely important but so is your health. If your body show signs of any health problem, do not ignore them instead act upon them. Immediately consult your doctor if your body is feeling even a tad bit different.

Quit Smoking

As soon as you take a puff, it puts you at the risk of mouth cancer. The nicotine released into the body gets mixed with your bloodstream and your blood pressure increases, putting you at the risk of a stroke. Some other long-term damages caused by smoking are lung cancer and abdominal cancer. You could also develop memory problems, which sometimes lead to memory loss.

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Exercise Regularly

You must have heard it a million times but exercising is crucial to maintain overall health. 30-60 minutes of exercise every day would benefit you in multiple ways and reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart attack, weight problems, and many other diseases.

Eat Healthy

Diet is extremely important when it comes to health. A healthy diet means a healthy you. Regardless of your weight, health conditions or taste—you need a balanced diet for healthy living. A healthy and balanced diet includes foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products, lean meat, foods low in fat and sodium. Take small servings and you will definitely feel better and limiting the calorie intake will help you manage your weight.

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Sleep Properly

Your body gets exhausted after the long hours at work. Like the sun sets in the evening to shine even brighter the next morning, your body also needs to rest so that you can efficiently work the next day. A good night’s sleep keeps half of your health problems, especially stress and anxiety at bay.

Regular Health Check-ups

Knowing your blood pressure numbers and cholesterol levels are highly important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These are two things that trigger various deadly diseases such as stroke and become the cause of a fatal death.
Bad health does not affect just one individual, it affects the people around them—physically and mentally. A healthy mind and a healthy body makes life easier. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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