Fashion forward this monsoon

Monsoon isn't only about rains as it happily retains the spoilers of summer -- heat, dust and on top of that showers us with humidity and sweat. Here's a guide to beating the monsoon blues in great style.

Chetali Mathur
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Chetali MathurPublished at: Jan 11, 2011
Fashion forward this monsoon

Ready for monsoon wadingHere's a guide to beating the monsoon blues in great style


Just as we managed to beat the sweltering summer heat, the time is here to conquer the monsoon blues. Monsoon isn't only about rains, as it happily retains the spoilers of summer -- heat, dust and on top of that showers us with humidity and sweat. But fret not, as there's a panacea to all ailments. So here is a guide to staying stylish and comfortable all through monsoon:




Footwear forms a very important part of your daily look. The right pair of shoes, teamed with the 'it' outfit, can totally make you stand out. But if you have chosen the wrong pair (which you are uncomfortable in anyway but bought it because they are in), then alas! We scanned a lot of patterns to figure out what will be right for those humidity-stricken feet and settled for Crocs. Available in a variety of colors, Crocs not only prevent your feet from sweating but also give you a casual chic look. You can check out their website to choose your Croc. These are priced reasonably at Rs 900-1500. But if that's too much, you could also try cheaper versions for Rs 150 from Sarojini Nagar market.


"I prefer the colorful rubber ballerinas for this season to go with my formal clothes, plus they go with almost everything," says Shalini, an IT professional. Bata has a wide range of colorful monsoon-friendly ballerinas -- including ones in cute pink and yellow -- priced reasonably at Rs 299.




We don't want you to be one of those desperate passersby who have to purchase an umbrella from the hawker because they were caught unawares. Monsoon has just hit us and your chances of getting caught in the rain are way too high. So this season, do not dismiss your umbrellas because they are difficult to carry but instead, sport them as a fashion accessory. You will be happy to know those big black brollies under which Raj Kapoor and Nargis's romance blossomed have been replaced by slick colourful plastic ones available in a riot of colours and patterns.


Zara, which has recently opened in Select Citywalk, Saket, has trendy compact self-retractable, plastic-handle umbrellas in attractive patterns priced at Rs 1,000. Cheaper Korea-manufactured options are available in Kamla market, Karol Bagh, Sarojini Nagar Market and Central market with prices starting from Rs 250. Watch out for small umbrellas with little ears for kids available for between Rs 100-150 in various colours. Umbrellas will not only protect you from the rains but will also keep away the sun tan.




The first few showers of monsoon make us all awfully happy after the scorching summer heat but rejuvenating as it can be, monsoons also tend to be gloomy at times. So, to beat the gloom, dress up in bright colours. Deck up in shades of blue like turquoise and aqua; or try bright orange, magenta pink, lemon yellow or crimson red. For bottoms, take your pick from capris, shorts and skirts which are just ideal for the season. But be very careful while choosing the fabric. Go for the ones which are not high-maintainance, dry quickly and don't need ironing. Combination or blend fabrics like part cotton and part polyester come in handy. Stay away from pure cotton as it will crease easily and will lose stiffness once wet. Stores like Promod have ganji tops starting from Rs 350 and come in almost every colour. Affordable options starting from Rs 150 are available in GK-1 M block market and Janpath.




If you really love your silver and semi-precious stones, you will do anything to protect them, right? Even if it means staying away from them for a few months? Moisture can tarnish your silver and sweat can oxidise it. So if you don't want your silver to look like junk, store them in a cool dry place and wrap them in cotton wool. Colorful beads which come in various sizes are the right pick to accessorize your ganji tops and capris. Tribal Zone jewellery available at various Shoppers' Stop and Pantaloons outlets has beaded necklaces for Rs 300. Cheaper options starting from Rs 60 are available in Lajpat Nagar market and Sarojini Nagar market.