5 Facts All Men Should Know About Sexual Health Problems

There are several facts that men still do not know about sexual health. Doctor explains them all in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 09, 2021 15:42 IST
5 Facts All Men Should Know About Sexual Health Problems

Sexual health remains a less-talked-about topic this still is considered taboo. Male sexual health needs awareness to eliminate common issues and promote wellness across all sections. There are various myths and misinformation that refrains people from receiving the right aid for the problem. For example, it is a common perception that sexually transmitted diseases in men are rare and untreatable whereas these are common and can be treated if provided timely aid. Onlymyhealth spoke to Dr. Chirag Bhandari, Founder, Director of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health to know about common sexual health-related facts that every man should be aware of. Scroll down and read the article to know all of them.

#1 Consult Only Qualified Sexologist For Right Treatment

You would find posters of various sexual health specialists at street walls claiming to provide sureshot treatment to any and every kind of sexual problem. These are nothing but quacks that might not be having any qualification in the field but call themselves skilled. It is believed that these provide economical treatment but these may eventually cost your life! Imagine yourself taking medicine from an unverified source and later, getting sick because of that. Such is the case with these local quacks. Consulting them is putting your life at risk. Thus, you must seek help from a qualified doctor only(preferably the one with vast experience). This increases your chances of the right treatment for common sexual health problems and resolution with minimal risks.

#2 Treatment is not mandatory in all cases

One of the common perceptions about sexual health problems is that they require full-fledged treatment. Dr. Bhandari explains that it varies from person to person according to the problem they are dealing with. Sometimes, only proper counselling can resolve the issue.

Facts about male sexual health problems

Thus, if you are not going to a sexologist or andrologist because of the lengthy and expensive treatment, you must now. Most Sexual health problems can be treated just by proper counseling and addressing the problem by giving them the right knowledge. Therefore, first, visit a qualified and experienced doctor first and then take the next step. They can suggest possible modifications that can resolve your issue.

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#3 Size doesn’t matter

Men feel inferior and offended if their private part is smaller in size. This is very common and so, they shy away from making physical relations or making the first move in a physical relationship. Men should not consider size as the biggest sexual health problem because most of the men fall in the normal size group. Size is not at all associated with sexual health and so, it is not a potential cause of sexual problems in men.

#4 Sexually-transmitted diseases are very common

If you think you won’t get sexually transmitted infections and diseases because of safe intercourse, you are wrong. Apart from unsafe sex, there are various other causes of STDs and STIs. Men should get themselves tested at regular intervals for these infections as sexually transmitted diseases are more common than they think and can be cured by timely treatment. Only if they are diagnosed on time, they can be treated. So, do not take your sexual health lightly.

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Sexual Health Problems

#5 Masturbation is normal and healthy

According to Dr. Bhandari, “Men should not consider masturbation as sinful or something that would deplete their energy. It is normal and healthy.” One of the most searched queries on the internet is if masturbation is wrong or sinful? Well, it is completely safe and natural to masturbate and there is nothing wrong with it unless you are indulging in chronic masturbation. Also, there are physical and mental health benefits that you may get with this.

Apart from these five facts, we would also like to add that the Internet Is Not A Trustworthy Source. Dr. Bhandhari mentioned that men should not browse the internet to research their problems. This may ruin or delay in addressing the problem.

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