Fact Or Myth: Does Shaving Head Result In Better Hair?

Can shaving the entire head help in bettering hair texture and growth? Read the truth behind this raging trend in this article

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Mar 11, 2020 08:54 IST
Fact Or Myth: Does Shaving Head Result In Better Hair?

Is this true that shaving head can improve the quality of hair? This is quite a popular trend these days as many people shave their heads just to get back healthy hair growth but it is worth it? Should you also try and shave your head for the same reason? There is a lot of confusing remarks by dermatologists on this. While most of them regard this to be untrue, some believe that this trick could work for some people. But it is absurd that shaving can prevent hair loss problem. This is nothing but a myth that shouldn’t be taken seriously. 


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Some people received benefits after shaving their head but that doesn’t mean it would work for one and all. There are no scientific reports that prove shaving can promote hair growth. Most importantly, there is no evidence that this practice can treat hair problems like excessive hair fall. However, there are certain benefits of shaving the head such as:

  • It reduces the risk of dandruff problem in people who are dealing with hair fall.
  • Men, especially, can shave off their heads if they think their scalp needs this as shaving would eliminate all the dirt and dust particles trapped in the hair and scalp. This also cuts down the risk of hair loss or baldness in them.
  • It is possible that after shaving, hair growth increases. This is because hair growth is affected by the dirt and polluted particles present in the hair but there is no scientific evidence to prove the same.

The hair growth cycle


It is very important to understand the hair growth cycle. You’d be surprised to know that it takes a huge time for hair to reach its original or full length. Notice the growth on your arms or legs after waxing to understand this cycle better. This is why the hair on the head come early as these are comparatively shorter than body hair.

The beginning of hair growth starts from hair follicles which are situated under the dermal layer. With hair protein and blood, the roots of the hair are formed. The hair is made from the roots, pass through hair follicles and sebaceous glands(that secrete sebum oil). Sebum oil acts as a lubricant for hair growth that helps your hair to grow thicker and longer.


When you shave your hair, you are not only cutting down the hair but also shaving a layer of dead skin cells. As shaving only affects the hair growing on the skin’s surface, it is highly unlikely to affect the texture, color or growth rate of hair. This clearly shows that shaving your head is not going to affect the new hair growth.

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Shaving Head Will Result In Better Hair Is A Myth

In a nutshell, shaving your head with the hope to get better growth would end up in disappointment. Instead, you must better your eating and haircare practices to boost hair health.

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