Eye Flu In Old Age: Know What Are Its Common Symptoms

Eye Flu In Older Adults: Here Is All About Its Common Symptoms

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jan 17, 2020Updated at: Jan 17, 2020
Eye Flu In Old Age: Know What Are Its Common Symptoms

Eye flu is a problem of the eyes, which can happen to anyone if the weather changes. But elderly people are more at risk of it. Eye flu is a type of eye infection. This problem usually occurs when there is inflammation in conjunctivitis. Due to this, the colour of the eyes becomes red or pink and they are swollen (also known as conjunctivitis). Today we are telling you how you can take care of the eyes of the elderly in your house.

Weakened immunity


A strong immune system plays an important role in preventing virus or bacterial infection. At one end of the spectrum are children whose immune system is not fully developed, and at the other end are seniors whose strength of resistance immune system is relatively weak.

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More dangerous due to age

Senior citizens are already at risk because of their age. Besides, their recovery from conjunctivitis depends on their underlying health statuses, such as diabetes or a history of blood pressure. As a result, it is more painful for them to deal with the additional health crisis.

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It takes time to recover

Senior citizens infected with conjunctivitis take a little longer to recover. According to experts, the risk of getting eye-flu in old age increases slightly. In these circumstances, (apart from the eyes), health history has to be monitored.


Main symptoms of eye flu

  • Watery eyes
  • Blood coagulation or red-eye appearance
  • Swelling of the eyelids or eyes
  • Eyelid stickiness
  • Irritation in eyes 
  • Mild pain in the eye with or without irritation

There may also be some changes in these symptoms. Therefore, an infected person should immediately consult an ophthalmologist before taking antibiotic eye drops to get relief from eye flu. People should not self-medicate as they can cause complications in conjunctivitis.

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