Bulging Eyes Can Be More Than Just Beautiful, It Can Be A Medical Condition Too

Do you have bulging eyes? It could be more than a beauty feature and an indication of a severe medical condition too

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jan 17, 2020 08:51 IST
Bulging Eyes Can Be More Than Just Beautiful, It Can Be A Medical Condition Too

The first thing that we notice in people is the eyes. We have to understand that every shape of the eye cannot be attribute to the beauty aspect of a person. In several cases, a lot of eye shapes can also be an indication of a disease. Next, if you see anyone with bulging eyes, beware it can be a health concern. Some people are born with eyes that bulge more than usual. However, in ordinary cases of bulging eyes, the white is not very much visible in the eye between the iris and the upper lid. However, if there exists a difference here, that means it is an abnormally bulging eye and requires medical attention.


Also termed as exophthalmos, this eye condition can occur suddenly due to several other medical conditions, including the Graves' Eye disease. This eye disease takes place when there is more production of thyroid hormone, attacking the eye tissue to only lead to more bulging. Some common symptoms of bulging eyes are:

  • Dry eye sensation
  • Pressure or piercing pain in the eye
  • More than puffy eyelids
  • Redness of sight and also a specific inflammation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Loss in vision due to over bulging of the eye
  • Excessive watering in the eye
  • Difficulty in moving both eyes together
  • Those with an active thyroid gland get the Graves' eye disease

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Causes of Bulging Eyes

One of the most common reasons for over bulging eyes is Graves's eye disease. Other causes of bulging eyes can be :

  • Cancers like Neuroblastoma, leukaemia, rhabdomyosarcoma or metastatic tumours elsewhere in the body can also be a reason for bulging eyes
  • Lymphoma
  • Collection of abnormal blood vessels, also known as Hemangioma
  • An injury in the eye socket leading to swelling and bulging of the eye
  • Eye infections leading to inflammation around the eye tissue

If there exists bulging in just one eye, it should be immediately reported to a doctor for further investigation. Also, in some cases, surgery would be suggested, which can be ascertained after undergoing these below-mentioned examinations:

  • Several blood tests
  • Test of vision
  • Eye exam with dilation of the eye
  • CT or MRI imaging scans


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Treatment Of Bulging Eyes

If the bulging is more than just a beauty feature, one must understand the importance of timely treatment and care. Once the underlying cause of the bulging eye is known, one should immediately go and see a doctor for further treatment. The doctor would suggest the following for care and treatment:

  • Prescribe antibiotics
  • Steroids to reduce the inflammation around the eye
  • Surgery of the eye
  • Eye drops in normal cases
  • Chemo, radiation and even surgery in some instances
  • Medication for the thyroid to get the thyroid levels under control
  • Radioactive iodine to the patient
  • Thyroid gland surgery


One of the most distinctive features is our eyes, and we often hear how people talk about its shape. But some can even be an indication of a disease. So, do not let your eye health take a backseat and immediately consult a doctor if you see any of these symptoms mentioned above for urgent and timely treatment.

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