Eye Health: 8 Reasons For A Blurry Vision

If you think that blurring of vision is reasonable and there's nothing to worry about, it is not. It could be a symptom of severe health complications

Gandharv Gulati
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Eye Health: 8 Reasons For A Blurry Vision

Do you rub your eyes often to get a more unobstructed view? Do your eyesight blur out suddenly? The problem of blurred eyes or blurry vision is not typical. While you may believe that it is due to weakening eyesight, it could be more than that! Possibly, your body's warning sign against an underlying problem. Any sudden visionary problem is a matter of concern. Sudden changes in the eyesight should be consulted with a doctor. As usual, it sounds, more dangerous it can be.


Blurry vision isn't a problem unless it occurs regularly. Don't panic! More often than not, blurred vision could be due to eyesight issues. Maybe you need to update your eyesight glasses(if you have one) or perhaps you need one. Get your eyesight checked. Also, maintain hygiene as it might also be a reason behind the blurry vision. 'Never touch your eyes with dirty hands'; 'remove lenses before sleeping' and 'get regular eye checkup' are three rules for eye health.

Following are the 8 reasons, which can lead to a blurry vision. This can be corrected by taking timely action for treatment: 


Any strain or pressure on your eyes may suddenly blur your vision. In this digital age, digital eye strain has become a common problem. When we see an electronic screen like a mobile phone, computer, etc. it puts pressure on our eyes. If we look at something for a longer time, it also causes strain.

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Conjunctivitis is an eye infection that is also referred to as 'Pink Eye'. I can either be caused due to a virus or bacteria. Someone who has got infected with this virus may suffer blurred vision.

Dry eye syndrome

Dry eye is one of the common eye problems amongst people these days. The blurring of eyesight is one of its symptoms. The other is red eyes and unbearable itchiness in the eyes. If you see all these of these signs, visit an eye specialist to get your tests done.


Many people don't know, but your eyes and blood sugar are interrelated. Most of the diabetic people suffer vision-related problems, including blurred vision, poor eyesight, etc. In some cases, people come to know about them being diabetic after eye checkup.

High Blood Pressure

High BP is terrible for your heart as it may cause heart stroke and heart attack if not treated on time. Apart from that, high BP may also cause an eye stroke named 'Vein Occlusion' which starts with a sudden blurry vision. The affected person may even lose his/her eyesight.

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Migraine, the horrible headache can make things worse with blurred vision. If you have a migraine, you may experience a blurring of vision. Sometimes, this marks the onset of migraines much before the problem starts.


A myriad of symptoms follows pregnancy, blurry vision being one of them. Some ladies suffer from this condition throughout their pregnancy. While this is likely to subside to normal after delivery, if it doesn't, consulting a doctor is advised.

Brain Stroke

We all know that our eyes have a direct connection with the brain. In rare cases, blurred vision may signal towards brain stroke, which has affected the vision-control part of the brain and thus causing you problems.

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