Exercises for Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

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Jun 23, 2018
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  • More than eighty percent of pregnant women report lower back pain
  • Walking and swimming help relieve back pain
  • Kegel exercises strengthen the growing abdominal muscles
  • Pelvic tilts help to increase hips's mobility

More than eighty percent of pregnant women report lower back pain. Exercise is an effective way to get relieve from lower back pain and take care of your fitness during pregnancy.

Walking and Swimming

Walking and swimming are good exercises for relieving back pain during pregnancy. Both of them help to tone the abdominal muscles.

Kegel Exercises

By kegel exercises, you can work to strengthen the muscles that support the growing abdominal and other organs. In this exercise you need to contract muscles between the area of vagina and anus. Hold on for 10 seconds and then release. This can be repeated for two to four times a day.

Pelvic Tilts

Another helpful exercise to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy are the pelvic tilts. Besides this it also help to increase hips's mobility. This exercise comprise of very subtle movements which are helpful in strengthening lower back muscle. It is consider being the best for those who are seeking back pain relief during pregnancy. It can be done either while standing or simply lying down.

  • Lay down on floor with your back straight and knees slightly bent. Your head, shoulders and upper back must be touching the floor. There must be some space between your back and the floor
  • Now press your lower back towards the wall. Inhale and hold for a count of ten and then gently release. When you exhale remember that your abdomen comes towards your back
  • Repeat this for about 10 times

Leg Lifts

Towards end of pregnancy hips joints get loosen thus contributing the back pain during pregnancy. Leg lifts helps to tone the thigh muscles.

  • Lie down on your side with your head resting on your arm
  • Move your right leg on ninety degree angle. If you are not comfortable with this posture then lift your upper leg straight
  • Now repeat the same with your left leg
  • Repeat the leg lift for about twenty times (you must stop if you are not comfortable)

Trunk Twist

This exercise requires you to twist lower back and spine muscles.

  • Sit down with your leg crossed
  • Now use your left hand to grasp your left foot and place the right hand on the floor i.e. near your right hip
  • Gently twist your upper body and hold for count of 10
  • Come back to center and then twist on the other side of the body

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