Evolution Responsible for Junk Food Craving

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 05, 2011

Eating junk food

After all it seems like we are not to blame for that intense junk food craving that we suffer from and inevitably give in to at times! A recent study has claimed that humans are in fact programmed to enjoy and like fatty and sugary foods more.

Evolutionary studies have claimed that the brain releases dopamine, a learning brain chemical, along with opiods, another chemical that gives us the feeling of enjoyment. When the two work in tandem, our brain becomes attuned to pleasure derived from junk food. This process has been repeated since time immemorial and therefore, evolution has been held responsible for junk food craving.

Researchers are of the opinion that our ancestors depended on high calorie food as part of their survival mechanism. This knowledge has been passed down through evolution and now humans automatically reach for high calorie junk food because our brains have developed thriving on the knowhow that it is good for us.

Other factors that influence junk food craving apart from evolution include modern day disorders such as depression, anxiety and anger.



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