Everything you need to know about tapeworm infections: symptoms and treatment

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Oct 03, 2016
Quick Bites

  • Tapeworm can pass out from the body naturally, or can be life-threatening.
  • Tapeworm is caused due to consumption of raw and uncooked meat and fish.
  • One must avoid consuming pork to reduce chances of tapeworm.
  • Symptoms are often unnoticed for the disease.

Tapeworm infections cause more than 100 million people to face health issues all over the world. What we call tapeworm infections, are actually infections that affect the intestines, and occur when people eat raw, undercooked, and contaminated animal foods. The problem here is that tapeworms don’t cause any noticeable symptoms at all, and so often goes unnoticed. But when they do, such infections can pose as life-threatening.


It is basically your intestinal wall that is mostly affected by tapeworm infections, but the threatening thing is when these tapeworm eggs move through the bloodstream and attach to skeletal muscle or tissues. This is where they’re able to form cysts, and which are basically equal to the cysts you may form upon eating contaminated meat. How can you recognise its symptoms? Let’s find out below.

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Now as we have mentioned earlier, tapeworm disease mostly goes unnoticed, as people suffering from it barely get to see any symptoms. The good news is that at times the tapeworm is eventually killed off inside the intestines and excreted through bowel movement. But for those who aren’t as lucky, it can cause real complications, and some of its symptoms that might show up in the later time are mentioned below:

•    The affected person may experience an upset stomach or experience nausea.
•    Those affected can experience diarrhoea.
•    There is a general muscle weakness and fatigue.
•    The symptoms can also be cramps and abdominal pains.
•    You might face a transformation in your appetite, which could mean feeling very hungry despite eating, or inversely a loss of appetite.
•    Weight loss can happen despite eating regularly and uniformly.
•    You might find changes in stool, and sometimes segments of the worm could be appearing in a bowel movement. It could be a ribbon-like worm inside the toilet bowl.

Natural treatments


Preparing meat and fish

Now because eating raw or undercooked meat and fish is the most common cause of your tapeworm infections, the best way to protect yourself is to cook these foods thoroughly before consuming them. This means that you need to cook animal meat at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius). There are possibly cysts and eggs within meat or fish, which need to die at this temperature. This can also happen if you freeze the meat or fish for several days. Also, freshwater fish aren’t completely cured of tapeworms and cysts, as they are very much capable of passing tapeworms to their eggs. So you are recommended that these fish never be served raw, so no sushi. You should cook fish before consuming.

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Cleansing the parasite

When you do a parasitic cleanse diet, you are helping yourself overcome intestinal infection symptoms, as well as preventing complications. Eating a healthy diet can also lower the odds of becoming infected with a parasite because it helps boost immunity and excludes certain risky foods (such as pork). You should also remove all types of added sugar from your diet as they make the inflammation worse. Eat Papaya on a regular basis because it has natural anti-parasitic properties, also consume coconut milk, or coconut smoothies with coconut oil as they have antibacterial properties. Always consume organic meat which is pastoral, not factory animals. Lastly, you should avoid processed food and alcohol by all means.


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