Everything You Need To Know About Keto Rash

Symptoms of the keto rash may include: an itchy, red rash that occurs primarily on the upper back, chest, and abdomen. red spots, called papules, that

Arushi Bidhuri
Written by: Arushi BidhuriUpdated at: Jun 18, 2020 16:50 IST
Everything You Need To Know About Keto Rash

Have you heard of a keto diet? If you are someone who follows the diet world, then you must have heard of the name. Keto diet has become a popular name among fitness fads. It is a low-carb, high-fat diet which helps in burning fat and results in effective weight loss. 

Like every other thing, the keto diet also has side effects. Initial side effects of a keto diet include tiredness, brain fog, bad breath, diarrhoea and a keto rash. Keto rash is one of the side effects of a keto diet which affects the skin. Here is all you need to know about the skin problem. 

What is a Keto Rash? 

Keto rash is a form of skin inflammation that develops on the upper part of your body. The extreme change in your diet can lead to the development of a keto rash. 

What are the Symptoms?

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Keto rash is a rare form of dermatitis. It is a red, itchy bump-like body rash which resembles an allergic reaction. Not much has been discovered about the skin problem yet, but there are a few symptoms that might help you recognise the condition. 

  • A red and itchy rash that primarily appears on the upper back, chest and abdomen 
  • A dark patch after the rash has disappeared 

Treatment for Keto Rash 

Eat More Carbohydrates 

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If you think that a sudden change in your diet is the probable cause of keto rash, you may want to consider adding carbohydrates back in your diet. A study published in the Hawaii Journal of Medical and Public Health has found that including carbohydrates back in your diet may improve the condition. 

Do not transform your diet completely, it might set off another side effect. Make sure you consult your doctor before going ahead with the changes. 

Check for Deficiencies

Some nutrient deficiencies in your body can also be the cause of an inflammatory skin condition, so it is important to keep a track of that. Sticking to a strict diet can deprive your body of the essential nutrients and minerals it requires. So, you must keep your vitamin and mineral levels in check. 

Skin Care 

This applies to every skin problem there is. Maintaining your hygiene is the first and foremost step to stop the progression of the condition. Some things you should keep in mind include: 

  • Do not touch the rash at all. Not even if it itches. 
  • Cut your fingernails short to avoid infections while scratching 
  • Wear clothes made with a breathable fabric
  • Moisturize the infected areas several times a day. 

Consult a Doctor 

If you have tried all the home remedies and nothing has worked, then consult a professional doctor who can prescribe you appropriate medication to get rid of keto rash.

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