Electronic Gadgets affect Sleep during Day as well as Night

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 03, 2015

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A recent survey of teenagers suggests sleep affected by screen use 'during the day as well as the night'.

sleep deficiency causesIt was found that if they took more than an hour to get to sleep, there was almost 50% greater likelihood of them spending more than 4 hours a day outside of school on electronic devices, from computers and TVs to smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

The study in Norway took account of screen time during the day as well as during the hour before bed. According to the surveyors, almost all adolescents have at least one electronic media device in their bedroom and there is a parallel shift towards poorer sleep over the past decades among adolescents because of the use of electronics.

According to the researchers, technology use may be a source of sleep deficiency. However, it may also serve as a medium of intervention, as internet-based interventions have proven to be effective and modes of treating sleep problems.


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