People at Greater Heart Problem Risk Working in Poor Psychosocial Environment: New Study

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Feb 03, 2015

Poor Psychological Environments at Work Might Negatively Contribute to a Person's Heart Health

Work ConditionsA new study has demonstrated that employees experience highly demanding requirements if they are in a poor psychosocially work environment and therefore, they are likelier to suffer from heart problems.

The study conducted at University of Gothenburg, showed that employees working in psychosocially poor work environment have little ability to control their work or not feel sufficiently appreciated for the contributions they make.

According to the study, men who do not have heart problems but who experience poor psychosocial work conditions often have warning signs for coronary artery disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol values. Mia Soderberg can also draw the conclusion that these men more often change jobs, and points out here a difference between women and men.

Mia Soderberg, lead researcher said that the labor market is no longer dominated by industry, but work instead deals more and more with knowledge processes and contact with other people and in work-related illness, we have also seen a shift from a focus on physical risk factors to a greater need to examine psychosocial factors.

Source: DNA
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