Egg Is Beneficial For Hair, Skin And Health? Know All The Pros

 Eggs are beneficial for skin, hair as well as overall health. Check out all its advantages. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 06, 2022Updated at: May 06, 2022
Egg Is Beneficial For Hair, Skin And Health? Know All The Pros

Egg is a nutrient rich superfood, which can improve your skin, hair and overall health. It contains important vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate. Eggs act as a natural conditioner for your hair and can improve the elasticity of your skin as well. From boosting immunity to promoting weight loss, this amazing food is a blessing for all. Keep reading to know about the benefits of eggs for skin, hair and health. 

Eggs for skin 

To enhance your skin care routine, eggs can be an important addition. They contain lutein, which provides many benefits to your skin. Here are the main advantages of eggs for skin

1. Eliminates blackheads and acne 

eggs for skin

Egg whites contain a protein called albumin, which can provide a tightening effect to your skin and helps in removing the excess oil. It is very effective in closing open pores which can be a major cause of acne. Egg whites dry up the extra oil, clean the pores and helps your skin in opening up and breathing. Hence, it can also contribute towards eliminating the unwanted blackheads.

2. Tightens the skin 

Lutein present in it helps in hydrating your skin and providing elasticity to it. These proteins promote skin damage repair and also makes the skin tissues more firm. The naturally pasteurised eggs have multivitamins and proteins that are helpful to hydrate, soften and smoothen your skin. 

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3. Enhances glow 

The egg yolks are safe to use for enhancing the glow on your skin as they are loaded with fatty acids that can moisturise your skin. To bring even more glow using eggs, you can prepare a face mask using egg whites, honey and lemon juice. Using this atleast thrice a week can help in such cases. 

Eggs for hair

Not just skin, eggs can also be a primary ingredient in a hair mask as well. You can mix other natural remedies to make it even more effective. Here are the main benefits of eggs for hair: 

1. Promotes hair growth 

hair growth

Eggs are a rich source of protein and biotin and these two nutrients are essential for improving hair growth. Besides applying, you can eat this protein rich food for the benefits. Hair follicles are also made of mostly protein, hence an added advantage. A deficiency of protein in your diet has been linked to hair loss. 

2. Makes them smooth and shiny 

The proteins present in eggs can be used to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. They will strengthen and look more lustrous. The egg yolk is high in fat, so it can promote hair softness in an even better way. Do not apply it daily but ise twice a week instead. 

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3. Strong and resistant to damage 

Egg yolk is a good source of the vitamins that can make your hair prone to damage. The yolk is extremely useful in moisturizing the hair strands that look dry. Egg yolk can act as a superfood for your hair because of the unique combination of vitamins in it. It contains nutrients such as Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate and researchers have linked it to hair growth and stronger hair.

Health benefits of eggs 

Eggs are good sources of protein, vitamin E and many other essential nutrients. It is good to include them in your diet in a healthy manner. Here are the main health benefits of eggs

1. Promotes eye health 


Eggs contain helpful vitamins and minerals like calcium, Vitamin A, copper and zinc that can promote eye health. Even if you have a weak eyesight, having eggs can play the role of a healing element.

2. Boosts immunity 

Eggs contain several essential nutrients that help in boosting your immunity. Eggs are a rich source of vitamin A that helps in making your immune system strong and helps in combating infection.

3. Aids weight loss 

Another health benefit of eggs is that it can aid weight loss. You can easily incorporate a few boiled egg whites in your breakfast if you are on a weight loss mission. It will help in providing a good amount of protein to the body without adding much calories. Make sure to have a moderate meal.