Do You Eat While Standing? Change This Bad Habit Right Now

First sit and then eat something as eating while standing badly affects your digestive system. Read this article to know more.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 18, 2019 16:23 IST
Do You Eat While Standing? Change This Bad Habit Right Now

These days, the buffet system has made us habitual of eating while standing. We become lazy when it comes to finding a place to sit and then eat composedly. But this is a very bad habit that needs to be changed. Just how drinking in a standing position is bad for digestive health, similarly, eating while standing also causes various stomach-related problems. There are several downsides of ‘stand and eat’ that we have given in this article after talking to Dr. Prabhat Ranjan Sinha, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka.

Makes you overeat

Standing and eating confuse your stomach whether it is full or empty! You would notice that most of the time when you eat in a standing position, you wouldn’t be able to feel full even if you’ve eaten sufficient food. This prompts overeating. You end up eating more than what’s required. Overeating leads to obesity and other health complications. We should practice mindful eating to avoid such a condition and stressing our stomach.

eating while standing

Leads to bloating

With overeating, your digestive system gets corrupted as you are feeding extra that your digestive system is unable to break down. Unnecessary eating fastens the process of breaking down food which is dangerous. It affects the absorption of nutrients that leads to bloating and gas. Undigested carbs get fermented in the gut which makes you feel bloated.

eating while standing

Poor digestion

Your position when you eat is very important to digest the food properly. Experts say that whatever you eat in the standing position goes directly to the intestine without breaking. This puts pressure on the intestine which causes indigestion. Some people may also suffer constipation, upset stomach, loose motions, etc.

As Per Dr. Prabhat Ranjan Sinha, we don't chew food properly when standing which is the main cause of these digestive problems. Chewing the food is very important to help the body digest it. Therefore,we must ensure to chew the food and not just eat in a hurry.

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Increases hunger

You went to a party and had a full meal. After you’re back home, you started to feel hungry again. Has this happened with you? You must have eaten in a standing position which is why this problem occurred. The rate of digestion increases by almost 30% when you eat while standing. This makes you crave food only a couple of hours after eating the meal. Ultimately, you’ll eat or overeat and bloat.

eating while standing

Now that you've read all the disadvantages of ‘stand and eat’, let’s us tell you some benefits of eating while sitting comfortably.

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Earlier, people used to sit down and eat their food. During celebrations, guests were made to sit first and then served food. With evolution, not only our food choices but eating habits also changed. The buffet system made us eating while standing and chatting with friends which sounds cool but is actually detrimental for your health, especially, stomach.

Dr. Sinha explains that we adopted this system of stand and eat from the western countries as our ancestors used to eat while sitting on the floor. It is better to take this forward and avoid eating in a standing position as much as we can.

As you eat while sitting, you enjoy the food and the nutrients get properly absorbed making you feel full for a long time.

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