5 Easy Ways To Handle Your Suspicious Partner

Do you feel bounded in your relationship? If yes, then it's not a good sign. Here we are telling some ways to deal with a suspicious partner

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jan 16, 2020 15:39 IST
5 Easy Ways To Handle Your Suspicious Partner

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In many relationships, it is seen that one partner is dominant and the other is submissive. If your partner puts pressure on you to tell him every single detail, for instance, wherever you go, whom you meet, then it means that he is suspicious about you. Such relationships do not last very long despite being in love at times. The reason for this is the dominating nature of one partner that spoils the love in the relationship. Personal space and freedom have their importance in a relationship. Both of these things are necessary for every human being. If your partner is also dominating and is suspicious on you (trying to make any kind of pressure on you), then handle it like this.

Explain your point


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Suspecting to talk to someone else while being busy on the phone, doubting chatting with someone else while online, doubting your loyalty, etc. are some of the suspicious habits. Sometimes partners start bothering you mentally or physically due to this doubt. If this happens, then the first step is to convince your partner and explain to them that they should have faith in you.

Demand for personal space

If your partner's suspicious nature has become a burden for you and you are feeling suffocated in the relationship, then talk to your partner clearly and demand personal space. In real life, both the partners have a separate existence and different lives. Both humans need their personal space. So talk to your partner and convince them, not to change things related to personal life.

Explain the importance of your choice

Does your partner keep his decision ahead in everything? Whether it is about expenses, travel, the restaurant of choice or dressing, many partners dominate their decision in everything. Do not wear short clothes, leave such friends, do not go to such places ... Some things should not be related to your partner. You should make decisions related to your personal life. Therefore, explain to your partner that you understand the importance of his choice but should only give advice where necessary.


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Get counsellor's help

Dominating partners are often seen even in married relationships, that is, one of the spouses dominates the household and is only allowed to make all the decisions. The difficulty in such a relationship is that you cannot break the relationship with your choice. Therefore, in such cases, seek the help of a counsellor.

Out of control

If your partner's suspicious nature or dominating nature is causing you mental distress or they are harming you physically, then it is better to break up. First of all seek the help of partner's friends, his closed ones and try to convince them. If it is about a married relationship and you are being physically assaulted due to any doubt, seek the help of the police.

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