Identifying the Early Signs of Prostate Cancer

If you have prostrate cancer you may not exhibit any signs in its early stages. A few symptoms indicative include difficulty passing urine, interrupted urine flow and incontinence.

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Identifying the Early Signs of Prostate Cancer


There are no definite early warning signs of prostate cancer. However, individuals report problems with the prostate gland in the initial stage of the disease. When an individual experiences difficulty initiating or stopping urine stream, or his urination frequency is more than usual, or experiences pain during urination, or pain when ejaculating, he should see a doctor for prostate cancer screening.

Mentioned below are the detailed common signs of prostate cancer that are exhibited in its initial stage.

Prostate Cancer Signs

Difficulty Urinating

It is the condition when you feel like urinating but don’t urinate or urination stops or you have to go more often to urinate. Another case could be  difficulty in stopping urination, which is also known as urinary incontinence. Prostate tumour can interfere with urination or ejaculation as the prostate gland surrounds the urethra (tube that carries both urine and semen). Moreover, men may encounter urination difficulty or prostate enlargement leading to urinary problems as they age.

Pain while Urinating

Prostate tumour may suppress the urethra and cause pain while urination. However, the symptom should not be confused with prostatitis (infection of the prostate) or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Blood in Urine

Blood smear in urine is another indication of prostate cancer in its initial phase. See a doctor to confirm if the blood in urine is due to developing prostate cancer or other urinary tract infections.

Prostate Cancer Signs

Difficulty to Keep an Erection

A growing prostate tumour can prevents increase in blood flow for an erection, or prevents the erection from sustaining to ejaculation.

Blood in Semen

Pinkish or streaked semen in an indicator of early stage of prostate cancer, which occurs as a result of prostate tumour’s interference with urethra.

Chronic Constipation and Intestinal Problems

A developing prostrate tumour tends to hamper digestive functions, as positioning of prostate gland is just below the bladder and in front of the rectum.

Frequent Pain in the Lower Back, or Hips, or Upper Thighs

Prostrate cancer affects or spreads to lower back, pelvis and hips. If you are experiencing pain and tenderness in these areas, you must see a doctor to clarify the root cause of unexplained sign. Usually, pain in sciatica and lower back feels deeper.

Most men are surprised to learn that they are diagnosed with prostate cancer, as they encounter no specific symptoms at all. If men experience signs mentioned above, they are advised by doctor to take prostate specific antigen (PSA) test for confirming it.

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