How To Recognize Early Signs Of Liver Diseases? Know From Expert

Liver problems can be of various kinds, check these early signs and symptoms to protect your liver from damage.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 26, 2022Updated at: Apr 26, 2022
How To Recognize Early Signs Of Liver Diseases? Know From Expert

If there is any condition that affects your liver condition, then it could really impact your overall health and functions of the body. Whether be it most common non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or some kind of mysterious liver infection, hepatitis, etc. It causes disbalance in your body and thus leads to a number of health problems. Early detection of symptoms of any liver disease could be very significant in controlling as well as preventing any liver disease from happening in the body. However, initially most of the people do not realize the sheer amount compromise they do with their liver on a daily basis.  

What are early signs of Liver disease? 

It might be possible that you would not have taken these liver diseases seriously till now, but you should because it can cause a lot of internal problems and lead to serious liver problems. We spoke to our expert Dr. Sudarshan Manto, Head of Gastroenterology at Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida, to understand some early signs of liver diseases in detail. 

1. Itchy Skin 

Most of you might not take itchiness as any serious symptom of any liver disease in particular. This is because of our normal tendency that we choose to look for more serious liver related issues and no other signs. Itchy skin on the body can occur because of bile that are present in the bloodstream of the body because of damage in the liver. If any bile duct gets blocked, then bile stagnates and flows back into the blood stream. This accumulates under the skin and results to itching. 


2. Spider Angiomas 

This is also a skin problem that occurs in the form of small spider like capillaries. These capillaries that are visible under the skin are result of high levels of estrogen present in the body. If there are such high levels of estrogen then it means that liver is not able to function properly. It might be possible that liver is not conducting metabolism adequately. It is possible that you see these veins on your legs or face due to arterioles enlargement.   

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3. Bruising and Bleeding 

Bruising and early bleeding can also be some early signs of liver damage or liver problems. It might be a sign that your liver does not function properly because of which the proteins that are responsible for blood clotting are not produced in sufficient amount in body. If you get bruised easily and blood flows for a long period of time, then you should get tested once properly.


4. Bad Breath 

Having a bad smell from the mouth most of the times could be an indication of liver damage or dysfunction. This is because most of the problems that occur in the mouth could tell you about some signs of liver damage. Bad breath that happens because of the liver failure is called fetors hepaticus. It gives out a fruity and musky smell in the breath because of dimethyl sulphide. It occurs in your blood when you are suffering from liver cirrhosis

5. Swelling on the feet 

In most of the cases of liver diseases or chronic liver problems, there is always some accumulation of fluid in your feet. This is the sign of liver damage or liver problems that might take a serious outlook. If your legs become swollen without any specific reason that you might know of, then it could be because of increased pressure in the portal veins. It is caused because of liver’s ability to produce enough blood proteins in the body. 

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6. Swelling in the abdomen 

In chronic liver conditions, the liver disease might cause the accumulation of fluid inside the abdomen that might lead to abdominal distention. Swelling in the abdomen can be a sign of liver disease because this fluid leaks from the surface of liver and intestine. It might be even a sign of hormonal belly but the fluid causing ascites are result of liver diseases associated with other symptoms of liver disease. A swollen belly could be signs of these liver problems- 

  • Liver cirrhosis, due to alcoholism 
  • Alcoholic hepatitis 
  • Blocked hepatic veins 


7. Blood vomiting 

This is a serious symptom of any condition because it is not common to have blood in your vomits otherwise. A liver patient might develop blood vomits because of chronic liver failure that needs immediate medical attention. In cases of vomiting blood, it is important that you ask your doctor to look at conditions of varicose veins in the esophagus and stomach. It is most common cause of blood vomits or blood in stool.

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