Drinking Beer Can Help Lose Weight?

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Apr 18, 2012

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Drinking Beer Can Help Lose Weight

Looking trimmed and attractive while living a fun social life may seem difficult, but the good news is that you can. Beer has forever been associated with weight gain, but there is more that this that the alcoholic beverage does to the body such as weight loss. Yes, it is time to check up with other facets of beer that go unnoticed.

According to an extensive medical research, alcohol contains calories that are not efficiently used by the body. Alcohol increases the metabolic rate significantly and therefore, causes more calories to burn instead of being stored as fat. Another good news for party geeks looking forward to lose weight is that beer does not have fat, cholesterol and has only a little amount of sodium. The nutritional value, however, of all beers varies from one brand to another with a better brand having weight loss or health-friendly ingredients.  

The research was conducted on 140,000 subjects (non-smokers) and found that men and women, who had one alcoholic drink per day for three to seven days a week had the lowest body mass index. Several other researches have shown obese and diabetic mice to become skinny upon the consumption of hobs (plant responsible for the bitter taste in beer). To be wary of the impact of beer on body-weight, one must ensure that he/she consumes a moderate amount of the alcoholic drink because of course, everything in excess is injurious to health be it healthy or unhealthy edible. The key to a healthy life therefore, is the moderate consumption of beer. Moderation for an average man is two drinks per day and one drink per day for a woman.

There has been a wide speculation on the benefits of wine over beer, but the matter of the fact is that a glass of wine is equal to a bottle of beer. Although, the research has favourable results for obese beer fans, health professionals signal that it is not a license for heavy beer drinking because that is likely to lead to weight gain. Remember that moderation is the way to a slender bod.


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