Drink you must have to strengthen your ligaments

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Nov 10, 2017
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  • Ligaments are tissues that connect bones.
  • Ligaments are prone to injuries due to weight and jerks.
  • A torn ligament can cause great pain and discomfort.

You may have often seen people complaining about extreme pain they go through due to tear in the ligament, which makes it difficult for them to walk or do any movement without experiencing pain. Every joint in the human body, especially in case of athletes and sportsperson, is vulnerable to get ligament damage. It may occur all of a sudden or sometimes as a result of a slight fall, causing ligaments to tear.


Ligaments are strong bands of tough and flexible tissue that connect one bone to another and are found across the human body. Sometimes, a ligament tear can be so agonizing that it can even leave a person to be crippled and can even hinder the movement to a great extent. The most common torn ligaments are knee ligaments and ankle ligaments as  they are weight bearing and under high stress as compared to any other ligament in the body due to change of direction sports or full contact sports.

It is very important to keep the ligaments healthy because even a slightest of fall can lead to a tear in the ligaments. There are several ways to strengthen the ligaments. However, there is a highly useful drink enriched with essential nutrients and minerals that can help provide strength to the ligaments better than any other food supplement. This drink is prepared from ingredients such as cinnamon, pineapple, oatmeal, orange juice almonds and honey, all of which are loaded with anti inflammatory properties.

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is not only helpful in treating inflammation but also in reducing pain. While the enzyme is packed with vitamin C and magnesium, oats are known to contain fibre and antioxidants.

Let’s see how to prepare this drink to prevent ligament damage from happening

  • Add 5 grams of cinnamon in a glass of water
  • Add juice of sliced pineapple, a cup of oatmeal and a cup of orange juice, 20 grams of crushed almonds and about 20 grams of honey to this mixture.
  • Cook the oatmeal and add it to the mixture and blend all the ingredients together.
  • Your drink is ready for consumption.

Consume this drink on regular basis and you will see the difference.

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