Do You Have Swollen Ankles and Feet? These Could Be The 5 Possible Causes

Swollen feet and ankles are quite common nowadays, generally they are harmless, but chronic swelling can indicate underlying health conditions

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Do You Have Swollen Ankles and Feet? These Could Be The 5 Possible Causes

Also known by the name of Peripheral Edema, swelling in the foot, leg and ankle is precisely the accommodation of fluids in these body parts. This type of swelling in the lower parts of the body is most common in adults and can happen to anyone irrespective of age. Swelling isn’t painful unless it’s due to some injury. Although it does not pose a significant risk to health but excessive pain or internal injuries can often make you reach out to a doctor. One needs to know the reason behind such swelling in the lower parts of the body as sometimes it may lead to fatal health conditions too.

External or Internal Injuries


An injury might be a significant cause for swelling in the leg or ankle. This area can often be injured by a sprained ankle, which might be a result of an exercise or a sports injury or even a simple misstep. A person with a sprained ankle may experience limited mobility and pain in the foot. Internal injuries may include a ligament stretch when the ligaments of the leg and the foot are pulled out of the alignment.

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You may be suffering from Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a health condition that may occur if excessive fluids are being accumulated in the body tissues, eventually causing swelling. It happens due to the damage in lymph nodes or when they are absent due to some surgical removal. Lymph nodes are one of those glands which support the immune system of our body, as they are responsible for the removal of excessive or unwanted fluids from various parts of the body. A person suffering from lymphedema may experience a feeling of swelling or heaviness in the leg or the other affected parts of the body.

Venous Insufficiency


It’s a condition where the blood in the body inadequately moves up from the feet to the heart. A person suffering from this condition may experience changes in skin colour, skin ulcers and infection. Swelling of ankles is an early symptom as it is an indication about the dysfunction of the valves present in our legs, which help in preventing blood from flowing backwards. A person may experience their blood flowing back down the leg and becoming trapped in the soft tissues of the lower ankles and legs.

Liver Disease


Sometimes swelling in the lower parts of the body may indicate a problem in your liver, as the liver produces ‘Albumin’, a protein that prevents fluid from leaking out of the body’s blood vessels. A problematic liver is often unable to provide the required amount of albumin, which might cause fluid to fill in the ankles, feet and legs.

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Side Effects Of Medication


Swelling may be a side effect of medication, some of which may include hormones like estrogen and testosterone, calcium channel blockers, which is a blood pressure medications, steroids such as Prednisone and from medicines for diabetics. In several people, antidepressants such as nortriptyline can also lead to swelling in different body parts.

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