Do You Feel Cold All The Time? These Can Be The 5 Reasons To This

Feeling cold may be a natural phenomena but feeling cold all the time can be a cause of specific reasons.

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Do You Feel Cold All The Time? These Can Be The 5 Reasons To This

If you are a regularly moving from one place to another, be it from home to work and vice versa, it is natural for you to feel cold during winter. But if you start feeling cold even when in a cold environment with some heating in the room, it may cause serious concerns. People think that feeling cold in winter is natural, blaming it to the dipping temperature. But, sometimes we may experience people around us feeling quite uneasy and uncomfortable because of the cold, and there could be various possibilities for this. Some of the common reasons of feeling extreme cold include calorie reduction in diet, ageing and hypothyroidism as these conditions make the human body more sensitive to cold temperatures. Here in this article, we list the 5 natural symptoms/disease, which can increase the chances of you feeling cold all the time:



The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones, which are responsible to ascertain the level of metabolism in one's body. Hypothyroidism is a case where the body does not provide sufficient hormones, eventually slowing down the metabolism and making you feel colder than your peers. More symptoms for this disease include, fatigue, unintended weight gain. One should be regular in doing these blood tests if there is any history of thyroid in their family.


If your body is making fewer red blood cells than normal, there can be a case of Anemia due to the shortage of oxygen intake in the body. This is directly related to the blood circulation to your limbs, which makes you feel colder. Other common symptoms of Anemia may include weakness, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain etc. One should ensure to take a proper diet to combat the effects of anemia for a healthy living.

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Irregular Sleeping Patterns


Lack of sleep messes up with your circadian rhythm. It's a 24 hour day-night pattern of our body where it gets colder when we are asleep. If you aren't sleeping well, it is common for you to be susceptible to extreme weather conditions. To avoid this, try to sleep atleast 7-hours during a full day. Further, one should take proper assistance if there are issues of sleeplessness for prolonged period.

You've lost weight?!

There is a direct connection between the body's fat and the body's temperature. Your body uses fat to conserve heat. Chances are there that if you have a lower body weight, you'll feel more colder or more chilly. In such cases, one should take a diet, which is apt for the winter season. Also, it is okay to add a little spice to your meal in winters as it helps maintain the body's immunity against chill. Also, if your weight loss is related to eating less calories, then it can be a cause for your slow metabolism. Gradually reduce the calorie intake during winter if you wish to go on a diet for weight loss.

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Raynaud’s disease

Raynaud’s disease is a rare blood vessel disorder, which leads to narrowing of the blood vessels to when the temperature drops. This in turn makes you feel colder than usual. There are times the person's feet and arms can also turn blue or numb due to improper circulation of blood in the particular area. Not only the weather, even stress can trigger this condition. The treatment is usually done through lifestyle changes, such as wearing warm clothes and using the conventional room heater. If your symptoms are somewhere related to stress, learn to manage them through meditation exercises. 

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