Do Not Touch These Body Parts For No Reason

No matter how many times we wash our hands, it is impossible to keep our hands free of germs completely. We should know that more we touch our body parts, we come in contact with viruses and bacteria

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Aug 08, 2019 15:56 IST
Do Not Touch These Body Parts For No Reason

We often get to know about cases where the individuals are subjected to germs and bacteria due to direct contact. Our hands touch several things daily for carrying out necessary activities. It is highly impossible to keep your hands free of germs and bacteria despite washing them and using sanitisers regularly. There are several sensitive body parts, which can easily get infected with germs. Be it the skin, hair or the reproductive parts in the human body; all these body parts are susceptible and require great care. Merely touching them, again and again, can be a significant reason for infections.

To start with, here are some body parts that you should stop touching right now:

Your Face Should Be Off Limits

Our hands are full of germs and bacteria. It is essential to know that our skin is the most natural target to get infected due to external factors. One can get problems like acne, pimples, pigmentation, etc. by merely touching the face without any rhyme or reason. It is a common habit in people to rest their face on their hands while sitting. IF you thought that was relaxation, you might be wrong as it might be a major reason for many skin problems. Our hands contain natural oils, which can clog the facial pores. That’s why we always say that a pimple should be left alone and not popped as it might aggravate the issue.

Do Not Poke Your Fingers In Your Eye

The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Merely blowing air in it can cause grave discomfort. Touching your eye, again and again, means introducing germs and dirt directly into the eye. If you wish to touch your eye for any reason, be it for wearing contacts or merely cleaning them after a long day at work, make sure you wash your hands just before doing that. Do not rub your eyes as it can cause wrinkles and also lead to dry patches on the face. The more your hands are away; the more your eyes will be safe from external factors.

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Bar Your Ears

We love to scratch our ears for the sheer relief it gives in no time. However, putting your fingers in the ear can be a reason for ear infections. The inside of the ear is extremely delicate and can get easily damaged by merely scratching the ear. Sticking the finger deep inside the ear means subjecting it to germs and bacteria directly. Healing of ear-related problems takes a reasonable amount of time, resulting in the need for extra care to be given towards the ear. Instead of solving ear-related issues on your own, head to a doctor for proper care.

Your Hands Should Be Away From Your Mouth

On average, there are around 34 to 72 different strains of bacteria. Some of them are beneficial for oral health, but most of them cause several health issues. Right from food poisoning to an upset stomach, putting your hands in your mouth can be pretty destructive for your health. There is always a reason why we stop kids from doing so! It is easy to transfer of germs from your hands to your stomach if someone has the habit of sticking his/her hand in their mouth.

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Your Belly button Should Be Left Alone

The belly button is undoubtedly the dirtiest body part as it is home to a high level of bacteria and is inaccessible. Even after a long refreshing shower, your belly button may have heaps of bacteria and dirt in it. All this is because of its weird shape and size, making it difficult to clean it. The accumulation of dirt and bacteria leads to pungent smell. Further touching it with your fingers can be a reason of several infections in the body.

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