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How To Differentiate Between Hormonal Acne And Adult Acne

If you get acne often, you must learn to differentiate between hormonal and adult acne to get the right aid.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Feb 13, 2023 12:18 IST
How To Differentiate Between Hormonal Acne And Adult Acne

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When your skin breaks out, the first thing that you tend to do is freak out. Next, you get worried of the marks on your skin that might linger on for long to let it go unnoticed. If this is how you respond to a pimple, then take it easy and look for reasons that are causing this problem. And most importantly, first it is essential to differentiate between a hormonal pimple and an adult pimple to help solve the problem better. Most of the time, when women are not able to find a specific reason for their breakout, they blame it on hormones and move on. While hormones do have a role to play in causing acne, it's not always the case. Let’s know more from Dr. Monica Chahar, Chief Dermatologist & Director, Skin Decor, Dwarka New Delhi. 

What are the causes of hormonal acne?

As the name suggests, causes of hormonal pimples are fluctuation of hormones namely estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the body. A lot of factors play a role in this hormonal influx, the common ones being your monthly cycle, birth control pills, sleeping patterns among others.

A hormonal pimple linked to your menstrual cycle would usually show up around the same time of the month and typically appears on the lower half of your face, chin and jawline. The reason being the production of oil is higher in this area than the rest of the face.

What are the causes of adult pimples?

Difference Between Hormonal Acne and Adult Acne

Unlike hormonal acne, adult acne has nothing to do with hormones and can show up on any part of your body with many factors at play behind this. The list is long right from using the wrong skincare products, unhealthy lifestyle choices, not following a proper skincare routine, leaving your makeup overnight and more. And yes, switching to right skincare products that suit your skin type or bringing about a change in your routine should work to put a full stop on these breakouts.

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What is the difference?

The classic difference between hormonal and adult pimples is its frequency and location. If you notice a pimple always occurring on the same spot or somewhere close to it, there are high chances, it is hormonal acne. This is due to the fact that an increase in testosterone also means relative increase in excessive oil production, leading to clogged pores and ultimately acne.

How to stop these breakouts?

Breakouts be it due to hormonal imbalance or other factors can be treated with the help of a right skincare routine and necessary supplements. It is essential to get in touch with a skincare specialist who can suggest the correct cleansing, toning and moisturising (CTM) routine based on your skin type, problems and other underlying issues if any.

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In addition, there are a number of self-care steps you can take to help prevent breakout or help in healing and keeping acne manageable. Some of the things you can do to prevent and/or manage acne include washing your face with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser, using non comedogenic skincare products, sunscreen and makeup, avoid picking or squeezing blemishes, avoiding touching your face with your hands, your hair and your phone. In addition, make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and stay away from food products with high glycemic load.

Stay healthy, stay beautiful!