5 common dieting mistakes we all make

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Nov 22, 2017
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  • Focusing on eating only certain kind of foods like fruits and vegetables and avoiding other food groups.
  • One should eat whatever they like but in moderation.
  • With exercise it is also important to check your calorie intake.

Dieting is regulating one’s food intake for the purpose of improving one’s physical condition, particularly for the purpose of reducing obesity, or what is conceived to be excess body fat.

People try multiple diets in the name of dieting but fail. Perhaps some manage to stick to a rigid diet for a few days, but cracks before a week. Even some people avoid some common mistakes by not skipping their breakfast and drinking lots of fluids, still could not able to loose.  Here are five dieting mistakes that one might not realize they are making but could one of these be the key to why the attempts to lose weight aren’t succeeding.

Monotonous diet

It is commonly seen that when people start dieting, they start following diets focusing on eating only certain kind of foods like fruits and vegetables and avoiding other food groups. Many diet plans encourage this monotonous behaviour. It may even work for a short period of time but practically no one can follow such diets for a longer period because of their monotonous nature. In addition, such diets are very dangerous as they do not provide all the nutrients required for the body and make you vulnerable to various diseases and metabolic disorders.

This is another common dieting mistakes and a tricky one. Sometimes a meal or any food is offered to you and you indulge in eating it spontaneously without giving it a second thought. This small negligence may result in eating many times wrong choice of foods which ultimately increase our weight than to decrease it.  One should eat whatever they like but in moderation and should make their following meals low in calorie and likewise compensate the overall calorie intake.

Worrying about waste

The most common mistake made by the dieters especially the homemakers is to finish the food even after meeting your body requirements just for the sake of food wastage. Whether it is finishing up the kids’ leftovers or eating those small portions of food that was left when everybody finished eating. And the funniest part is that no one counts these additional calories and still say they are not able to loose weight.  But the truth is that over the time this extra food will convert in fat and stick down your muscles leaving you shapeless. So just stop considering yourself as a waste bin and respect your body.

Replacing meals with formula drinks

Whole foods like whole cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables are the main source of nutrients in our body which helps in normal and healthy functioning of our organs. These whole foods provide us many antioxidants and phytonutriets that no formula diet or capsule or any kind of health shake can replace. In short, we can say that like success healthy living and weight loss does not have any shortcuts.

Belief that exercise will take care of extra calories

With exercise, it is also important to check your calorie intake. One should not just put themselves on impulse eating or to eat any calorie-rich foods just for the sake that till they exercise they will not gain weight. Thus for a smart body, it is required that one should think smart and act smartly. Controlling diet portions and choice of foods both are equally important.

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