Diet Soda: Good Or Bad? Know Its Health Effects

Diet soda is less in calories than other aerated drinks but can have several health effects. Read on to know more. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jun 29, 2021Updated at: Jun 29, 2021
Diet Soda: Good Or Bad? Know Its Health Effects

There are no studies that suggests us to include sodas in our diet. They are completely futile and just contain high amount of sugars. When people became aware of this fact, a variety of "diet sodas" flooded the grocery stores. These have become a preference for all age groups. A lot of people switch to diet soda to avoid calories. It contains good amount of caffeine to satisfy your cravings but zero  calories. It may have no calories but it contains chemicals that are not vital for the body. These drinks can be addictive and they do not contain any nutrients. Such foods come under the category of hollow calories, as they contain many harmful chemicals. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dietician Arushi Gupta, Associate Dietician, Dayanand Medical College and hospital, Ludhiana, about the health effects of diet soda. 

Health effects of diet soda 

Soda can have adverse effects on our body. These drinks can also make you crave for more calories and carbohydrates. Certain studies suggest that consuming these drinks is also linked to higher risks of psychological disorders like depression. It corrodes the inner lining of gut and it can also lead to junk-eating because we generally drink soda to wash down a burger and some fries down our throats, calling it a meal. This meal might make you feel full but it doesn't nourish your body at all. Here is a list of health effects of diet soda:

1. Acne breakouts 

acne breakouts

There are studies which show that diet soda can cause acne breakouts. Including soda in your diet can make your skin dry, which activates the sebaceous glands, this can lead to acne breakouts. It also speeds up ageing and formation of dark circles. 

2. Tooth enamel 

Diet soda is equally harmful as regular soda for your teeth. It corrodes the outer layer - enamel, and this happens because of the acidic nature of this drink. It contains compressed CO2 which makes it acidic. It can also lead to discoloration and cavities in teeth

3. Addictive 

We all are aware that soda is addictive and our body tends to get used to the taste of artificial sweeteners. Once you consume soda you might feel more thirsty and crave for more soda. Presence of caffeine is an add on for us to be more dependent on these drinks. 

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4. Lower bone density

Sodas have adverse effect on bone health because of its corrosive nature. It slows the process of submission of calcium on bones because it alters the pH levels of the blood. Women are at higher risks of osteoporosis because of their pre existing hormone behaviour. 

5. Risk of type 2 diabetes


Sodas interfere with certain enzymes in your gut. It can give rise to various metabolism related problems like insulin resistance. According to the studies conducted, consumption of these beverages is directly linked to increased risks of type-2 Diabetes.

6. Headaches

Artificial sweeteners that are used in diet soda are not good for your health. These sweeteners can be up to 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. Various studies suggest that they can trigger pain. This pain could also be a result of your brain, craving for more caffeine. 

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Pregnant ladies and children should try to avoid soda as much as they can. Excess consumption of caffeine is not good for age groups below 10 years. We should always try to replace such drinks with fresh juices or even water. If you want to include caffeine in your diet, you can go for healthier options like green tea and green coffee. There are healthier alternatives like ice teas and lemonades but we must take care that we prepare them from scratch using fresh ingredients. 

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