Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs

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Nov 10, 2011

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Diet plan for six pack

If you are looking for a suitable diet plan for six pack abs, there are some specific dos and don’ts to be adhered. To begin with, starving would be just as bad as binging. Therefore, consider refuelling your tummy at regular intervals. Ideally, you should consider around four to five small meals throughout the day, to keep you from overeating. Choose to refrain from fats as much as possible. Carbohydrates should also be consumed in moderation. Most of your meals should comprise of foods which are high on protein and fibre and low on fats and sugars.


Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs


  • Ideally, the breakfast should be the largest meal of the day. This is because it would be easier to burn it during the course of your daily activities. Having a heavy breakfast would also help in keeping you full throughout the day. A good breakfast also ensures that the metabolism receives the required boost. As a result, calories would be assimilated faster. Consider a one small salad, a cup of brown rice or 2 loaves of whole wheat bread and a piece of chicken breast for breakfast.
  • Follow it up with a snack comprising of a chicken or a turkey sandwich, around three hours later.
  • Lunch in a diet plan for six pack abs should typically be lighter than breakfast and should commence around three hours post this snack. Consider having a bowl of fat free cottage cheese, couple of steamed sweet potatoes and around eight ounces of steak.
  • Evening snack should comprise of an egg white omelette sandwich. Make sure you stick to whole wheat bread slices. Refined flour can substantially add to calories.
  • For the ideal diet plan for six pack abs, dinner should be the lightest among the three principal meals of the day. This is because, dinner, being the last meal of the day, is not followed up by any substantial activity. Therefore, the calories consumed for dinner are difficult to burn. Unused calories would simply accumulate as fat. Consider a couple of bowls of whole wheat pasta, one small sized salad and around eight ounces of fatty fish for your supper. You could choose between salmon or tuna as preferred options.

Sticking to a diet plan for six pack abs would require unflinching dedication. However, provided you can plan your meals well, it shouldn’t seem all that difficult. Make sure you consider ample variety when you decide on your meal plan, to keep the focus intact.


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