Diet Vs Exercise: What Comes First For Weight Loss?

Exercise only enhances your outer beauty, whereas diet heals you from within.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Jan 19, 2023 12:39 IST
Diet Vs Exercise: What Comes First For Weight Loss?

When do you think of losing weight the most? When your favourite clothes no longer fit you or when an Instagram filter makes you appear overweight? Without a doubt, losing weight is everyone's goal, and it is a long-term process heavily dependent on your diet and exercise regimen. However, as the saying goes, exercise makes a person healthy and wealthy, we are constantly encouraged to join a gym and begin our transformation. But have you ever considered whether diet or exercise is more important for weight loss? So, let's go over and understand what you should do to get a faster result.

Exercise For Weight Loss

Physical activity is essential for people of all ages. Regardless of age or gaol, a person should make a daily effort to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. However, if your goal is to lose weight, exercise plays a crucial role. Exercise not only improves the function of your heart but also helps you burn calories. Moreover, your body's transformation depends solely on metabolism, and regular exercise helps boost metabolism.

Without a doubt, people associate exercise with its physical aspects; in reality, exercise provides more mental benefits than physical ones. Having a set exercise routine makes you more punctual and gives you a sense of purpose, and helps you manage your time better. The best thing about exercise is that it causes your body to produce hormones that make you feel good, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep like a baby.

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Diet For Weight Loss

Diet is much more than just protein, carbohydrates, and fats. A diet is said to be healthy or nutritious only if it contains all the essential micro and macronutrients. Whatever your goal is, the core of your diet, which is healthy food items, remains the same; the only thing that changes is the quantity and timing of your meals.

If your goal is simply to get in shape, there is no such thing as a weight loss diet; all you need to do is make better food choices and seek out filling and nutritious snacks. However, if your goal is to develop a Thor-like physique, you must be more cautious about the foods you consume.

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Diet Vs Exercise

The key to losing weight is maintaining a calorie deficit. A person can achieve a calorie deficit by cutting calories from their diet or burning calories during exercise. When it comes to diet, it is critical to choose healthy food options because you will only get results from your workout if your diet is on point. Let's say you eat 1000 calories a day, all of which come from pizza, thinking you're in a deficit and will burn these calories during your workout.. Without a doubt, you are in a deficit, but pizza is not healthy; it lacks vitamins and minerals, and its ingredients are known to cause bloating. Finally, if you eat anything heavy, such as pizza, you will be tired and lack the motivation to exercise altogether.


Final Thoughts

Diet should come first because if you fuel your body with the right foods, it can never accumulate fat. However, some bodily functions are entirely dependent on the diet you consume, so you should make it a point to eat foods rich in antioxidants. Moreover, exercise simply adds beauty to your body by making it look toned or muscular, which occurs when you eat the right foods.

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