Diabetes Common Misconceptions: How These Myths Can Be Harmful And Misleading?

There are many myths and tips related to diabetes or type 2 diabetes patients. Diabetics should be aware of such myths and facts.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jun 10, 2020 16:51 IST
Diabetes Common Misconceptions: How These Myths Can Be Harmful And Misleading?

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Diabetes Myths and misconceptions debunked: Many kinds of myths about diabetes remain in the minds of people. There are even many misconceptions related to it. Even a little confusion about diabetes disease can be extremely dangerous. In the case of diabetes, if the patient does not take proper care, then their condition can become more serious. Here we are talking about five such illusions which can be dangerous. Diabetes is of two types, that is, type-1 and type-2. Let's know about five critical fallacies.



People with diabetes think that they cannot exercise much because if they do, their blood sugar will be reduced. While experts point out that diabetes patients should try to balance exercise, insulin and diet. Exercise plays an essential role in the control of diabetes and is also helpful in weight control. A person with diabetes should exercise regularly.

Confusion About Insulin

Many people try to avoid insulin too. This thinking is because even their elders used to take insulin, though they feel that insulin is fatal. But it is not so. Insulin is life-saving; however, people do not manage it properly. When a person is taking insulin, he has to take care of the level of sugar in his body so that it does not decrease. Lowering sugar level can be fatal.

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Insulin And Type-2 Diabetes

Some people also believe that they have diabetes, which means that there is not enough insulin in their body, whereas in the case of type-1 diabetes, this is fine while insulin is not produced in the pancreas. Those who have type-2 diabetes have enough insulin in their body, but the problem is that insulin does not work correctly. Insulin here does not help the body's absorption of glucose from food. Over time, the pancreas also stops making insulin, so they have to take insulin by injection.

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Sweet Tooth

Most people also believe that overeating sugar or sweet things cause diabetes. But this happens only when you have borderline diabetes. Overeating sugar-rich foods do not directly lead to diabetes, but there is a risk of weight gain and increased weight causes diabetes. Sugar is harmful to diabetic patients, but all those things are also dangerous, which reach the body and release glucose quickly. This includes plain pasta, white bread, noodles and rice.

Sugar Level

Often people keep guessing their sugar level. They feel that whenever they are feeling dizzy or nervous, their blood sugar is decreasing, but it is not so, many times, these symptoms also occur in fever. Many people think that they are frequently urinating because their sugar level is high while it can also be due to bladder infection. The more prolonged diabetes remains, the more difficult it is to predict. Therefore, the best way is to get blood sugar tested. It is imperative to control the blood sugar level for a diabetic patient. Blood sugar level needs to be managed in time. If you see a steady increase in your blood sugar, then you should consult your doctor. Never ignore considerable fluctuations in the level of blood sugar.

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