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Jun 10, 2015

Considering that that 35% of deaths due to heart attack, cancer or diabetes occur to the population within the productive age group of 35 to 60 years and every minute 4 people die of heart attack in India, 2 of diabetes and one of cancer or stroke – DesiMD Healthcare launched the first of its kind Active Health Management Services (AHM) in the Telemedicine space. It is a simplified, effective and convenience-based online healthcare solution, to managing health, with just a phone call or the click of a mouse (online).

DesiMD healthcare

AHM aims at improving quality, equity and affordability for a common man to deal with health issues. “This concept steer clears all the hassles of waiting in long queues for doctor appointments, getting a second opinion, treatment follow-up, timely advice and a proper direction for treatment”, says  Dr. Ajay Tripuraneni, CEO DesiMD.  

With a growing network of hospitals and specialists across 500+ cities, 750+ hospitals and over 600 doctors in India, DesiMD offers affordable and convenience-based health care.

Active Health Management (AHM) with Suraksha Health Card:

AHM has proven to save several lives from slipping into serious and chronic disorders with a structured approach to managing it, because of its preventive, convenience-based and 360-degree approach to healthcare. Subscription to Suraksha Health Card provides all the valuable AHM services
Benefits of AHM services:

•    AHM offers preventive, convenience-based healthcare, without burning a hole in the pocket.
•    Complete access to the doctor anytime of the day all-year-round.
•    The doctor monitors the patient continuously, by reaching out to the patient every month.
•    The physician assesses the patient from a 360-degree approach.
•    A crucial second opinion is offered to avoid confusion on varied opinions (diagnosis) on a health condition, saves money, time and stress.
•    Personalized mentoring on dealing with health issues.
•    Monitorshealth parameters such as hypertension, blood sugar levels and even sends you alerts and reminders about your medication and periodic check-ups.
•    Maintains all your Personal Health Records (PHR) online safely, to help access it for any future diagnosis or reference.
•    Fulfills the need for a family physician of the olden times where the family doctor was always available to address any health issue.

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Source: DesiMD Healthcare Services

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