Dating Dos and Don’ts for Women

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Jun 28, 2011

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Dating Dos and Donts for Women

Here is a handy checklist on the dating do’s and don’ts for women:


  • Spend some time on getting ready. You might be used to putting on a few clothes and rushing for those night-outs with friends, but you need to look appropriate for your date.
  • A date is usually fixed a few days in advance giving you ample time for a pedicure, manicure and even a facial session. You sure do not want to turn up in front of your date with blotches and a tan on your face.
  • Be yourself. Most women miss out on a perfect date as they look for love rather than a friendly conversation. This is the biggest challenge for women.
  • Never talk about your previous dates and how bad they were. This date is about you and him so it is better to keep it within this limit.

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  • Do not ask questions you would not want to answer yourself. Most women end up asking personal questions to men and end up either being judgmental or uncomfortable.
  • Avoid wearing something revealing on your first date unless you know you can carry it off well. Also, dress appropriately for the place you are dining in.
  • Keep your sob stories away for a couple of dates.
  • Smile more often if you are genuinely interested in the guy but be alert lest he is not!

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  • Never discuss anything that you hardly know anything about. It might just make you feel like a dumb person.
  • Do not spend more time on judging physical attraction. Instead spend maximum time on the chemistry you share with him. Most women fail to strike a balance between what they are looking for and what they should look at, and end up being unsuccessful with dating.
  • Do not get drunk. Know your capacity and if it is too bad then it is better to hold on to your first drink. Better still, order a mocktail.
  • Do not loud mouth or bitch about things on your date. This usually turns men off.
  • It is good to remind yourself of those table manners on your first date or a blind date.


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