Dance away Diabetes with these Moves

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Oct 18, 2017
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  • Obesity gives birth to Diabetes
  • Dance can be a great workout to lose some pounds in fun way
  • Losing weight will minimize the risk of diabetes

Obesity, lifestyle diseases and there are many more other woes that are endowed to us by our extremely unhealthy lifestyle that includes no physical exertion and an unhealthy diet. We need a strict workout regimen, which is a bit difficult with such tight schedule. What we need is a way of exercise that is fun and can help us get into shape. Now, dance is any day a better workout to lose weight, to have a toned body, to get free of diseases and so on. Dance is the most fun way to reduce weight.

dance moves to combat diabetes

How obesity is the cause of diabetes?

The exact cause of diabetes is still has not been discovered but obesity is known to be one of the primary causes of developing different kinds of diabetes. Being overweight causes type-2 diabetes or if you have BMI greater than 30, you are most likely to develop type-2 diabetes.

Obesity is assumed to contribute 80-85% to the risk of developing diabetes and type-2 diabetes while there are researches suggesting that fat people have the higher chances to develop diabetes than people with a lesser BMI percentage.

How dance can combat diabetes?

Basically, losing weight will minimize the risk of diabetes. Getting rid of extra body weight can help you improve insulin sensitivity of your body and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic conditions like diabetes.

Even if you lose a little weight, it will help you balance you the metabolism and control diabetes and if your insulin resistance is balanced, risk of heart disease and several types of cancer.

Dance can be a great workout to lose some pounds in fun way. Running miles every day and working out in gym every day for hours is not possible and more over, running and working out daily in the gym eventually becomes boring, dance can be a great substitute.

What are the different types of dance that are simple and you can practice every day just for a few minutes in a day? 

Clap and snap

In this, you will have to move sideways, step by step and clap along with snaps. This is the simplest step and you can do it for just a few minutes at any time of the day.  This dance move will help you reduce fat little by little. Add a little music and you can enjoy this simple dance move while getting rid of extra body fat. 

Sway the hip

This dance move becomes a bit more fun. You place your feet hips-apart and place your hands firmly on your waist. Now, slowly sway your waist in circular motions. Now, play some music and sway your waist in circular motions while revolving, do remember to throw in a little ‘thumka’ while swaying your waist. This could more fun than the first one and will burn more calories. 

The great mash-up

Now, combine both the dance moves together. Start with the first one and then combine the second one and keep the frequency a bit intense this time. Choose a music that is a bit fast paced and you will enjoy more.

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