Know Your Plate: This Gujarati Delicacy Is A Superfood For Diabetics

Dal Dhokli: Relish This Sweet And Spicy Gujarati Delicacy, Which Is Also A Superfood For Diabetics.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 02, 2020 09:47 IST
Know Your Plate: This Gujarati Delicacy Is A Superfood For Diabetics

Dal dhokli is a traditional Gujarati dish which is extremely healthy and heartwarming at the same time. It is reflective of a dish that is bursting with flavour between being spicy and sweet balanced perfectly with a mix of Indian spices. It is made with whole wheat flour and lentils mainly, a bit of jaggery and ghee. It represents a classic vegetarian dish that is made complete in protein with a mix of grain (wheat) and protein (dal).

Nutritional info of Dal Dhokli:

  • 1 serving: approx. 1 cup
  • Calories: 374
  • Carbohydrates: 52.1
  • Proteins: 12.4g
  • Fibre: 9.7g
  • Fat: 11g

In a 2000kcal diet, it fulfils approx the requirement by a % of the total day’s needs of certain micronutrients as on the table below.

  • Vit A – 82.8%
  • Vit E – 6.1%
  • Iron – 6%
  • Manganese – 6%

It also contains small amounts of magnesium, folate, calcium, B-vitamins and zinc. Dal dhokli is a complete dish, a one-pot meal that can be had either at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It nourishes the body with it’s the relatively higher protein which is great for muscle and tissue repair. The fibre it supplies is great to keep the digestive system in order.

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As ghee is used as the cooking medium, there is no use of any refined oils, just pure saturated fat. Dal dhokli is clean, unprocessed food made with fresh ingredients, hence it’s absorption will generally, be higher and potential to burn faster. Yet following is a general list of activities that can burn calories equivalent to what is contained in 1 serving of dal dhokli (approx.)

1 serving of dal dhokli has 374kcals and after it's consumption, you need to burn out the calories, by doing 1 hour of:

  • Moderate callisthenics: 334kcals
  • Hatha yoga: 300kcals
  • Water aerobics: 300kcals
  • Badminton: 334kcals
  • Walking (@6.4km/hr): 334kcals
  • Dancing (moderate-fast): 446kcals

OR you can also do, ½ hour of


  • Cycling – 300kcals
  • Circuit training – 300kcals

Dal dhokli is great for diabetics as it has a lower glycemic index due to the use of whole grains or complex carbohydrates. It’s a meal in itself hence can replace tedious lunch and dinner menus. It’s a great winter dish and is relished traditionally even in Rajasthan and Maharashtra. All in all dal dhokli is a wonderful addition to your recipe list!!

(With inputs from Nutritionist & Food Coach- Anupama Menon)

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