Understanding Cosmetic Surgery for Breasts

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Feb 19, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Well shaped breasts is very desirable for all women.
  • The process of aging affects your once beautiful breasts.
  • Cosmetic mammoplasty can be of good help here.
  • They also however have some side effects.

Breast implants for breast enhancement are placed either directly behind the breast tissue which is subglandular or behind the outer layer of chest wall muscles which is submuscular. It is to enhance the shape and look of the breast.

Breast Implants

The breast is not just an organ to provide nourishment to an infant but has important anatomic, social, emotional, sexual and psychological role in a woman’s life. Most women desire to remain young forever and have a body and breast that appear young. The shape of breast does not remain the same throughout a woman’s life time. The process of aging affects and several other factors (marital status and parentage of the woman) like affect the shape and firmness of the breast.

Why Is it Done?

Cosmetic mammoplasty or cosmetic breast surgery may be done to increase or decrease the size of breasts to suit height, weight, body frame, rib cage and hips of the woman.

If you are not satisfied with the shape and size of your breast -- cosmetic mammoplasty or cosmetic breast surgery can help you. It can be done in both young and older women. Most young women who go for cosmetic mammoplasty are not satisfied with the shape and size of their breast. Before you go for operation to increase the bust line or reduction mammoplasty make sure you have discussed the pros and cons of the surgery with your surgeon.

The aim of augmentation or reduction mammoplasty or breast lift operation is to make aesthetic looking breasts that compliment the height, weight, body frame and hips of the woman. Besides this it should be soft to touch, have the same sensation and pleasure as of natural breast and should not interfere with breast feeding if required. As it is a cosmetic and elective surgery most insurance companies do not cover them. The cost of the surgery varies based on the procedure that is done (like breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift), duration of hospital stay, and the place of surgery. If you are considering cosmetic breast surgery do not opt for a surgeon only on the basis of lesser cost. Consider a surgeon based on his expertise, qualification and recommendations.

Understanding Cosmetic Surgery for Breasts

Side Effects

Experts say that cosmetic surgery for breast implants have its own side effects, ones that are could be complicating your health.

•    infection (bacteria and mold which can be released from the implant into the body)
•    surgical risks
•    anesthesia risks
•    chronic breast pain
•    breast or nipple numbness
•    capsular contracture
•    scar tissue
•    hardened and misshapen breasts
•    fatigue.

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