Correct and Proper Way to Cook Food

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Nov 20, 2012

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Correct and Proper Way to Cook FoodOrganic, wholesome and lowcarb are buzz words that have become common vocabulary in the growing trend of health-awareness. But while you may be willing to spend double the price on sourcing farm fresh and chemical-free produce, do you pay enough attention on how to cook it; or are you robbing the food of its nutrients? Remember to cook, not kill your food.


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Steaming, roasting, and poaching are the healthier ways of cooking, so change gear, do more of this. The microwave pressure cooker is a tool that gives you the benefit of cooking healthy: it cuts down on the use of oil and cooking time.

Here are a few more pointers you should keep in mind:

The word "frying" in stir-frying is misleading. In fact, quite contrary to the usual way of "frying", this method uses very little oil. The food is cooked on high heat, quickly, which helps retain most of the nutrients and colour. The key is to stir the food continuously.

While boiling food is considered to be good, it really is at the bottom of the list because the process results in a major loss of vitamins. However, if you must, allow the water to come to a boil before you add the food.

Making Indian food the healthy way may get to be tricky, but think out of the box. When making pulao, you can steam the vegetables separately and lightly season them with salt and pepper. Mix them in with the rice just before serving. This way you do not fry or boil all the goodness out of them.


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If you don't have access to a barbeque or an oven in your home, cook sausages and seekh kebabs by boiling them in just a little water. (You'll be surprised at how well it works; just serve them up with a variety of favourful dips.)


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