Common Types of Diaper Rashes

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Jul 19, 2011

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Diaper rashes in the diaper area are very common in the babies of 6- 10 months age and can be very irritating. This is a different kind of skin rash that occurs due to prolonged use of diapers. This can also result from an allergic reaction caused by disposable diapers. These rashes appear as red patches around the buttocks, scrotal area and vagina. The patches get bigger with the formation of red pus filled blisters and sores.


Occurrences of diaper rashes tend to reduce as the baby grows, and his/her skin becomes less sensitive to external factors. Diaper rashes result mainly due to prolonged moist and unclean conditions around the diaper area or constant friction between the diaper and the soft skin of the baby. These rashes can also result from homemade nappies, if not washed properly. Although, most of disposable diapers are made out of eco-friendly materials, still your baby’s skin may be allergic towards certain chemicals, and may develop diaper rashes. In such cases, changing the diaper brand reduces the occurrence of rashes.


Dr. Pankaj Vohra, Paediatrician at Max Healthcare, New Delhi is of the view that infection from Candida yeast is the main culprit behind diaper rashes in babies. This particular yeast thrives in moist and humid conditions causing this skin disorder.


Common Types of Diaper Rashes


  • Atopic Dermatitis: Occurs in the babies aged between 6-12 months. The primary symptoms of the rash appear on the body before affecting the genital areas.
  • Perianal Dermatitis: This type of rash is common in babies who bottle feed and take solid foods regularly. The infection develops from the alkalinity of their stools.
  • Candidal Dermatitis: Babies on antibiotics generally develop this type of rash that appears in thighs and abdomen. These bright red diaper rashes cause immense irritation to the babies.
  • Impetigo: Commonly observed in the buttocks, thighs and other areas of the lower abdomen, this type of diaper rash is caused from two types of bacteria. The bacterium Bullos causes blisters and Non Bullos causes yellow and reddish skin lesions.
  • Seborrhoeic Dermatitis: This is quite an uncommon type of rash that appears as yellowish scales and deep red coloured rashes in the scalp and diaper areas.
  • Chaffings Dermatitis: It is the most commonly observed red coloured nappy rash in babies. Generally, this nappy rash does not cause any discomfort unless infection sets in.
  • Intertrigo: This particular type of rash occurs in the skin folds due to repeated friction between the diaper and soft skin of babies.
  • Tidemark Dermatitis: Improper tying of nappies by parents causes this type of rash, where constant friction of the nappy ends with the skin causes discomfort to the babies.


Parents should be cautious enough to keep the diaper areas of the babies clean and dry to prevent yeast infection. Homemade nappies should be washed properly. The size of the diapers should be checked before putting it on the baby, as constant friction between the tight diaper and skin is enough to cause painful diaper rashes. Consult a paediatrician or a dermatologist in case of frequent flare ups.


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