Common Relationship Problems and Solutions

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Apr 21, 2011

Relationship Problems and Solutions

Being in a relationship is one of the most wonderful feelings that anyone can ever experienced. If only that was the whole description of relationships. While a relationship with our spouse has the potential of being the most rewarding and satisfying of all the relationships, it also has the chance of bringing to the fore a lot of heartache and trouble. And this is precisely what we’ll address in the article.


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Time: As the Clock Ticks

One of the most common relationship problems is time. This can usually manifest as several other and quite different problems. It is important to recognise these relationship problems as real. Often, one partner feels like the other is not giving them enough time or is ignoring them. Such negative feelings are never conducive to healthy relationships. And, it is important to watch out for the signs of this problem because the solution is simple. Time only becomes a problem, when our partners feel like other things have taken precedence over them. To resolve these feelings of insecurity, the first step is to accept and acknowledge their distress. Next, it is important to try to make the existing time that you spend together of better quality, and simultaneously put aside more time for your partner to reassure them that you still care and love them.


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Money Honey!

Money, while not talked about much, is also one of the biggest problems that people face in relationships. It sounds mundane and unimportant, but it has been seen that our partner’s spending habits affect us deeply and cause several problems in relationships. The first step in dealing with this problem is communication. If your partner is spending habits are bothering you, it is best to come clean and let them know. While it may seem as though it is cheap and crude to bring it up, it is nonetheless important. Sit down and frankly discuss the financial scenario. Are you spending too much as a couple? Or too less? Do you feel that the spending habits of your partner need to change? Why? Communicate and discuss. And remember to not let it become a fight. It is important to discuss and have a two-way movement of ideas. After all, the person is more important than the money! and only discussion can end these relationship problems between peoples.


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Lack of Communication

Communication is the first step in resolving all the issues in a relationship. In case of even pettiest conflicts, you must give each other ample space and then talk about it. However, you should not wait for weeks to wait for the other to initiate a conversation. Talk as much as you can; listen to your partner’s need and make them feel wanted. There’s no other him/her in the world for you, right?


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Hope you identify the roadblocks in your relationship and work together to make the relationship survive all the odds.


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