Common Relationship Mistakes

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Sep 05, 2012

Common Relationship MistakesRelationship mistakes are too common but they cannot be avoided as that only brings further trouble. You need to know where you are headed and what you need to avoid to really enjoy your relationship. The common relationship mistakes can be ironical because they could have been avoided. You just had to know what they are and you would be successful in avoiding them. [Read: Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship]

Lack of Genuine Openness

If you have secrets, it would lead to a lot of suspicion and ultimately, your relationship would suffer. If you do not feel like telling your partner about everything in your life, then ask yourself is your wish of sharing your life with this person good?

You need to enter into a relationship with a level of privacy. You need to be in a position when you are no longer fending for yourselves. That situation has to change when you become a couple with your partner. You might not find it easy to give it all up and that is the real test. You must have one hundred per cent trust in your partner for your relationship to be great. [Read: 5 Essential Relationship Skills]

Do not think only you trust your partner

When you find yourself in love with your partner, do not just pay lip service to him by saying that you trust him/her. You need to give them the power and the ability to possibly hurt you in some way. If you want to be a loving couple, it would not do to just play safe and expect your relationship to turn out just right. That just does not happen. So, you need to achieve trust as without it there is no relationship worth its salt. [Read: Marriage Mistakes Women Make]

Arguing with your partner

Nearly all couples go through the problem of arguing with their partner. If you allow the argument to go on during night, the effect is that it lasts till the other day as well. So, after getting home tired from work, why do you want to do this?

Here’s a trick that you should have known all along. When you feel like having a fight at night, just allow yourself to sleep and say to yourself that you will deal with it the next day. In almost half the cases, the negativity that you carried forth at night resolves itself in the morning. In this way you would be able to tide over your problems with minimum of fuss.

By following the tips given above, you would be able to avoid the common relationship mistakes made by people which spoil their life.


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