Common Health Issues in Newborn Baby

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Oct 19, 2011

Newborns are often prone to a wide range of diseases and health issues due to their weak immune systems and underdeveloped body organs. Thus, it becomes important to conduct frequent medical examinations to detect and reduce the common health problems in a newborn baby.

According to a medical compilation from the University of Rochester Medical Center, updated in 2009, newborn babies experience common heath issues such as jaundice, respiratory problems, cardiovascular problems, neurological issues, gastrointestinal and temperature instability. The study states that premature babies are at the highest risk of experiencing health problems Some  these include:



Jaundice affects most newborns as soon as they are born since their liver fails to effectively perform the functions. Increased serum bilirubin is dangerous to the body and might cause complications such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, deafness and can even lead to death. It is therefore essential that newborns undergo tests to determine the level of bilirubin in their bodies.


Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, apnea and respiratory distress syndrome.
affect newborns as their respiratory organs are not yet fully developed. After birth, most newborns are often kept in oxygen cabins to help them breathe easily and prevent  respiratory diseases that they may acquire.


Cardiovascular Problems

Cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure are not very common among newborn and  are usually defined during the early stages of life. Some cardiovascular conditions can be dealt with at an early stage while others can only be treted after a few years, considering the tenderness of the newborn’s body organs.


Neurological Issues

Newborn babies have underdeveloped brains, that still cannot perform some functions such as thinking and interpreting. Common health issues in newborn baby in regard to neurological problems include brain damage, seizures, slow learning and poor muscle tone. It is during the growth and development stage that the child begins to learn new things and is acquainted to his or her environment.

How these health issues are handled ultimately determine the general health of the baby. So, take appropriate decisions that doesn’t become a cause of regret.


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