Are You Bathing Your Child Correctly? Know Common Bathtime Mistakes New Parents Make

New parents often make certain mistakes while bathing the baby. To make sure that you are not committing any, ready this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 20, 2020Updated at: Aug 20, 2020
Are You Bathing Your Child Correctly? Know Common Bathtime Mistakes New Parents Make

Parenting can be a challenging job for new parents that do not hold any experience of handling a baby. Underexperienced, they make certain mistakes that may not be good for the baby’s health. While the doctor guides them for most things, some are still unknown to them such as bathtime mistakes to avoid. From feeding to bathing to putting the baby to sleep, everything needs to be done properly in the first year. You cannot make a baby bathe like a grownup, there are some intricacies that need to be taken care of. From choosing the right baby bathing supplies to checking the temperature of bathwater, there are so many points in the checklist. Here are some mistakes that you need not commit to the safety of the baby.

Mistake #1 Not checking the temperature of the water

The bathwater for the baby shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Keep it normal in summers and lukewarm in colder days. Since the skin of the newborn baby is very delicate, maintaining the temperature of the water for bath is important. Also, babies get pneumonia very quickly irrespective of the season. There are as many six types of pneumonia that your little one may get. Therefore, along with checking the temperature of the water, you should also wrap them with a towel soon after bathing to prevent getting cold.

TIP: First wash the body of the baby and then head as the wet head can catch a cold quicker.

Mistake #2 Leaving the baby alone in the bathroom

Never ever leave the baby alone in the bathroom. There are many risks including the danger of drowning, injury, etc. There are many cases where parents left the baby for a minute and the baby injured himself. If you are required to leave, ask someone to watch the baby in your absence.

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Mistake #3 Using too much water for bath

For infants, a daily bath is not needed. Also, do not use too much water for bathing. Sponge bathing can be done on alternate days to clean the baby. Do not fill the tub water, as it may make the baby feel suffocated. Just pour some water on the body after using soap for cleaning. Make sure the baby doesn’t sink in water as the water may fill into their lungs causing other health problems. You need to take care of the baby in monsoon season, particularly.

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TIP: Fill the tub with toys to engage the baby and have easy and safe bathing.

Mistake #4 Using a large bathtub

Baby bathing should preferably be done in a smaller tub to prevent any mishappening. Also, handling the baby in a large tub is comparatively difficult. Not only you’d need to use a lot of water for that but also larger surface calls for increased risks like drowning, over-bathing, hits and injuries, etc. Thus, use tubs that comfortably fit the baby and not the one that’s 3-4 times larger.

These are some small measures that can give a safe bathing experience to the baby with reduced health risks. If you are a new parent, make sure that you are following all these precautions.

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