Cervix during Pregnancy

Cervix during Pregnancy - Cervix goes through enormous changes during pregnancy. This facilitates smooth delivery process.

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Cervix during Pregnancy

Cervix during PregnancyCervix plays an important role in the process of reproduction. It is entrance to the womb that extends down into vagina at a slight level and is pointing towards back of vagina (behind women’s vagina). It is approximately 2.5 cm and move towards woman’s vagina during contractions. During pregnancy woman’s cervix goes through constant variations.


Colour of Cervix during pregnancy

Cervix of a pregnant woman has increased blood flow. This changes the colour of cervix from dark pink to blue and dark blue as the pregnancy progresses.


Shape of Cervix during pregnancy

Normally cervix is shaped similar to a thick tube of about one inch. As the pregnancy progresses and woman is in her last stages of pregnancy, the cervix changes its shape. It become shorter, thinner and becomes efface. Shape of cervix either change in the last few months of pregnancy or few hours before the actual labour.


Cervix during Labour

Cervix goes through great changes at the time of labour. From its original size of one inch it completely effaced before birth of baby. When fully dilated, cervical opening approximately measures up to ten cm and comes back to normal after delivery. It is important to note that ones the cervix has been through childbirth it will not close tightly again. Post pregnancy cervix gradually returns to its previous shape and size.


Status of Cervix during pregnancy

Till the very last stage of pregnancy cervix is blocked with mucous plug. It is always tightly closed but in some of the cases pregnant women may have difficulty remaining closed during pregnancy. This condition is termed as incompetent cervix, wherein cervix dilates prematurely.  This condition often goes unnoticed by women. An open cervix can cause infections, lead premature rupture of membranes and finally to miscarriage or premature delivery.

Incompetent cervix cannot be detected in the first pregnancy. It is mostly diagnosed after one or more premature delivery without pain before pregnancy.

According to some researches problem of incompetence cervix results due to previous trauma to cervix or due to previous abortion or miscarriage. Treatment of incompetent cervix is surgical stitching of cervix till the time of labour. When a woman goes into labour the stitches are removed so that baby can be born naturally.


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