Causes, Symptoms And Tips To Help School-Going Kids Fight Anxiety

Anxiety issues are widespread among teenagers these days. Here are the causes, symptoms and tips to help school-going kids fight anxiety. Read more.

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Tips for ParentWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Sep 25, 2020
Causes, Symptoms And Tips To Help School-Going Kids Fight Anxiety

Children from the age group 10-18 are very sensitive to several issues. A little difficulty in their lives can put intense stress on their minds. Especially, school-going children are prone to anxiety more than adults. The low state of mind and vulnerability have become very common among teenagers. Many parents worry about their kids and try to find a solution to this problem. However, a lot of guardians are not able to figure out if their child has an anxiety disorder or not. Well, children don't usually realise if they are feeling differently sad or anxious. Sometimes, it's nothing but just some fears and insecurities triggering their minds at this age. Hence, if you feel that these triggers have been bothering your kid's behaviour more than it should, you should try and understand his issues of anxiety. It can help the children if parents talk calmly and boost their confidence.


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Although every kid deals differently with anxiety issues. Some try letting it out and resolving the problems altogether.  However, some prefer keeping their worries intact inside and not bothering anyone. There are several ways to help your young one fight anxiety. The main aim is to help a child fight and handle anxiety and not just terminate it with medicines. Moreover, sometimes, it's not anxiety and just a low state of mind. Many factors build up together to get your brain at a point of frustration and vulnerability. Along with emotional symptoms like anger and irritation, anxiety also triggers physical symptoms like headaches and stomach-aches.

What are the symptoms of anxiety/low state of mind?

Do not forget to visit a doctor/therapist if you have observed these symptoms. They are:

  • Sweating
  • Trembling/shaking
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Continuous worrying
  • Irritability
  • Inability to relax
  • Sleeping trouble
  • Headache

What causes the tension to build up?

There are a lot of reasons that trigger kids to overthink and get anxious at their age. Therefore, here are some detailed causes of the same:

  • Pressure to study: Sometimes, schools and tuitions unintentionally pressurise students to accomplish and achieve something in their life, which causes them to take unnecessary stress on their mind.
  • Expectations of parents, teachers and society: There are certain expectations (like grades, career, money, being the 'perfect' kid) that the parents have from their children, and to fulfil those, children tend to feel burdened.
  • Biological factors: In some cases, many youngsters inherit anxiety disorders from their parents.
  • Traumatic experiences: A death in the family or a traumatic life incident can also make a kid feel vulnerable.
  • Illness: An illness can also make a child overthink and drift into a low state of mind.
  • Fears: A major factor responsible for anxiety issues in school going kids is the fears and insecurities that they have in their minds.

What are the tips to help your child fight anxiety?


The best way to help anxiety disorder is to consult a doctor/psychologist. However, here are a few ways that can help your child to cope up with it. They are:

What parents can do -

  • Respect their feelings: Parents should respect what he/she feels as this is a very crucial time for a kid.
  • Express positive and realistic expectations: By pushing them,  expressing positive and realistic expectations, parents can comfort their young one to drop the unnecessary stress.
  • Don't keep asking questions: Asking leading questions can make the situation difficult for the child. Hence, it's good to not ask many questions.

What children can do:

  • Meditation: Relaxing your mind plays a key role in fighting anxiety and irritation.
  • Go for a run: What's better than releasing some toxins in fresh air by going on a run? This tip can make you feel fresh and positive.
  • Get into a caring position by getting a dog/cat: Getting a pet and caring for him/her is as good as meditation and can help you have a calm and positive mind.
  • Get a plant and take care of it every day
  • Read good positive books.
  • Try taking up a unique challenge for yourself or learn something new every day
  • Eat fruits daily and stay hydrated.

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Most of the world's young population suffers from anxiety every day, and it is very important to know how to control it. It is important to keep talking to teenagers to know what's going on in their mind. Besides going to a therapist, the tips mentioned above can help you out in dealing with an anxiety disorder.  

(By Navya Kharbanda)

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