Causes of Diabetic Coma

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Jan 09, 2012

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A diabetic coma is an outcome of an elevated blood sugar level and dehydration of the cells within the body. If you do not avail immediate treatment, the diabetic coma can be life-threatening.


According to the Centers for Diabetes Control, diabetic comas are common among those are older than 60. Before being directed into diabetic coma, a diabetic may experience frequent thirst and urination, which leads the body to dehydrate. The consequence of not taking adequate care of these problems can be coma, shock and even death.


Some of the risk factors that can cause diabetic coma include:


is a condition when the cells of the muscles break down because of low insulin. As a response to low insulin, the body breaks down stored fat to create energy. As the body begins to break the stored supplies of fat down, the body simultaneously creates toxic forms of acid called ketones. If you let the acid to keep producing without availing any treatment, you may lose consciousness, which can even lead to death.




Glucose is an important element necessary for the proper functioning of the organs and that of the brain. If the sugar in the blood drops suddenly, you may go through syncope. Drinking a lot of alcohol, forgetting to take insulin supplements/other medications or not eating regularly can make the blood sugar level drop to an all-time low, which can result in a coma.


Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome


This medical condition occurs in Type 2 Diabetics and the blood sugar by virtue of this condition may hit high proportions. At this point, the consistency of the blood becomes as thick as syrup, which is highly dangerous. The excess of sugar within the body will make the body to filter it out by way of excretion through urine. Frequent urination can give rise to severe dehydration and thereby, result in come and even death.


Other causes of Diabetic coma


Some of the other causes of diabetic coma include infection such as illness like flu, kidney failure, recent heart attack, ulcers, blood clots and medicines that interfere with diabetes.


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