Wave Goodbye To Swollen Hands In The Morning By Learning Its Causes And Treatment

A variety of reasons causes swollen hands, but you can quickly reduce the swelling with a few exercises and massages. 

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Feb 17, 2017
Wave Goodbye To Swollen Hands In The Morning By Learning Its Causes And Treatment

If you slide in a ring on your thinnest finger in the morning, you’d be shocked at how the ring wouldn’t slide down a centimetre. You are one of those many who suffer from swollen hands in the morning. It is a common syndrome in people to have swollen hands after getting up in the morning. There are many reasons why your hands may feel ballooned with air inside the first thing after you wake up. However, the most common reason is fluid retention. Before you jump into conclusions and dial the emergency number, here is something to give you a sigh of relief: swelling of hands in the morning is normal and can happen to anyone. There is no need to create a panic alarm for this. Basic precautions and recommendations can help reduce the puffiness in no time. 


The actual reason why the hands swell up has not been able to be pointed out. Some of the causes that experts have pointed out include the following:

1) Trauma to the affected area

Considering that our hands and feet are the most exploited parts of our body, they are significantly prone to accidents and injuries because of overuse. For pregnant women, swollen fingers and toes are no news. If you are a woman, a possible reason for this unusual feeling is that you are due for menstruation. 

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2) Abnormally high or low levels of sodium in the Body

Eating excess of salt in dinner can lead to the blood vessels leaking fluids into the tissues that surround. On the other hand, when you drink a lot of water at night before sleeping, the sodium, levels in the body get diluted, triggering an electrolyte imbalance called hyponatremia. One of the signs of this medical condition is swollen hands, though other signs of the disease may be more prominent like vomiting or confusion.

3) Activity or inactivity

Because you have been inactive all through the night (while sleeping), there is a possibility of feeling uneasy in your hands the following morning. Positioning any part of the body singly can lead to mild oedema. If you have been exercising in the morning, you can attribute your swollen hands to it because substantial endurance activities influence blood to be pushed to the heart and muscles but the hands.

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There are various ways in which you can reduce swollen hands, though it may be close to impossible to try and completely get rid of the problem. Doing the following can restore the size of your hands in a jiffy.

1) Exercise the swollen hand

Move the fingers to pump any excess of fluid back to the heart. Other forms of exercise for the hands include typing on the keyboard, flexing or doing work that involves the hand.

2) Elevate the hands

Swelling can be caused by poor blood circulation and stagnation of blood in the hands. If you elevate your hands, the blood will flow back towards the heart. Make sure that you elevate your hands for a while. Elevating the hands above the head will work in your favour.

3) Rub the swollen hands 

If both your hands are swollen, you could take help from somebody in the house. Slowly massage the tissues present in the fingers in the direction of your heart. Massaging will stimulate the flow of blood to the fingers and put excess fluid away. If the swelling does not reduce, you can go to the spa for a professional massage.

If none of the treatments work, pay a visit to the doctor because swelling of hands may also be caused by obesity, an allergic reaction or an underlying infection.

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