Photophobia: 5 Causes And Symptoms Of Light Sensitivity In Eyes

Photophobia: What are the symptoms of light sensitivity? Know five reasons behind the blurred vision and pain in the eyes.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 26, 2020 19:05 IST
Photophobia: 5 Causes And Symptoms Of Light Sensitivity In Eyes

What is light sensitivity in the eyes? You must have noticed that while watching towards a bright light, your eyes automatically close due to the glare. But if you look back after a few seconds, then things start to appear much clearer to you. This is the scenario with normal eyes. But if you have light-sensitive eyes, then such glare and light can also give you immense pain. Yes, if your eyes are sensitive to light, then, you may see blur images, your eyes may pain, or you may even have a headache. In medical terms, light sensitivity is also known as photophobia. Are you also facing any such problem? If yes, then you should contact the doctor without delay, as it could indicate a hazardous disease. Here's the reason why can be your eyes sensitive to light. 

Light sensitive eyes and migraines headaches

Do you know that light sensitivity is a significant symptom of migraine? This suggests that if a person has a migraine attack, then he or she may start having difficulty looking at the glare or light. Understand it in such a way that the eyes and brain have a profound connection, due to which you can recognize and see a million things in hundreds of seconds. Often in the case of a migraine, if you have severe pain, then the visual ability is affected. Therefore, if there is a headache with light-sensitive eyes, then get it checked by a doctor immediately so that the treatment of migraine and photophobia can begin.


Can allergic conjunctivitis cause light sensitivity?

What is conjunctivitis? It is an eye infection caused by bacteria or viruses, which turns the eye pink. Therefore, conjunctivitis is also known as the pink eye. Several times when the eye pain increases after meeting some allergens, it is termed as allergic conjunctivitis. Due to this type of infection, your eyes may also have trouble seeing the glare/light. Therefore, consult the doctor as soon as symptoms appear so that you can start the right treatment.

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Corneal aberrations light sensitivity analysis 

What is a corneal aberration? This means having scratches on the upper first layer of the eyes. There is a kind of thin transparent membrane-like organ in the front of the eyes. Due to this rash/scratch, your eyes may become more sensitive to light, and you may sometimes feel a sharp pain in the eyes (affecting your visual ability). In such a situation persists, then it is essential to contact the doctor immediately without delay.

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Photophobia and severe dry eyes problems 

Have you ever thought about tears? What causes tears, and why do our eyes need them? A layer of moisture is required in your sights every time. Therefore, nature has arranged the formation of tears in the eyes. But if your eyes become dry, then you will have visual troubles, which may also cause light sensitivity. Other symptoms of dry eyes are as follows - redness of eyes, pain and blurred appearance.

dry eyes problems

Anterior uveitis light sensitivity 

There is a layer in the middle of the eye, which is named as the uvea. Swelling of this layer can cause a condition like multiple sclerosis or psoriasis in the inner part of the eye, which is known as uveitis. Due to this problem, you may have complications like redness of eyes, eye pain, blurred appearance and irritation. Many a time, a person may have light sensitivity issues due to this problem.

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