Caring for your Pregnant Wife

Look after your pregnant wife and be a part of Pregnancy. As an expectant father, be there for post and pre natal care.

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PregnancyWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 05, 2013Updated at: Feb 07, 2013
Caring for your Pregnant Wife

Caring for your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is a new journey to both you and your wife. Being a man, you will notice a change in your relationship with your wife as she prepares to be a mother. Understand these changes to be natural and accept it without any hard feelings.

  • The shift of focus or attention from the “two of you” to the coming baby is only natural and nothing personal. You would need to care equally for your coming baby and provide your support to your wife.
  • There will be hardly anytime to spend together after the baby is born. Considering spending time with your wife and newborn as time for yourselves. Be there for your wife and your baby.
  • Sex life will take a beating once you’re an expecting father and even after the baby is born. Consider intimacy in other different ways.
  • Stress and emotions can be high for both the parents but make a conscious effort to relax and avoid arguments.


Being a part of Pregnancy

Since pregnancy is an exclusive event which happens only in a woman’s life, most men either are completely clueless about it or are plain anxious. Women too are aware of this ignorance in the man’s part and do not try to hard as they have their own pregnancy discomforts to deal with!


But all you expectant fathers out there have now one more thing to surprise your spouse with, by taking active part in the pregnancy. Participate in this nine months rollercoaster ride with these tips:

Deal with your mixed emotions: pregnancy jitters without the bump is a common symptom in expectant dads! You may feel like a bag of emotions like shock, panic, being overwhelmed and helpless – relax, all these feelings are normal.


These emotions may be extremely raw and intense if the pregnancy was unplanned and even if it was planned, men will be men and will feel the same! Upon hearing the pregnancy news it is normal to feel so and you should not feel guilty about your thoughts. Becoming a first time father is a huge change and the transition is certainly not easy especially when you are not prepared.


Questions will keep on popping in your head through the pregnancy and you would need the silence the mental chatter by believing in yourself and preparing for D-day. Is it too early? Am I ready to be father? Will I be a good parent? Will I love my baby? Questions galore but answers you can seek by asking yourself, sharing with your partner, family and friends.

Be expressive and attentive: you may not be as excited as your spouse about the pregnancy as you cannot feel the baby or experience any changes in your body. Even if you cannot ‘feel’ the unborn, you can always enjoy your spouse’s experience and her joy of pregnancy by taking part in simple little things.


Feel the baby move or talk to you baby in the womb. Click pictures of the growing baby bump every month as it will be an interesting memoir even after the birth of baby. Be attentive about the discomforts your spouse may be facing and lend a helping hand whenever you can.


Be it a back rub, massaging her feet or anything to make her feel special. Show your thankfulness by doing little gestures like bringing her flowers, serving her breakfast in bed and other things. Express yourself in words or actions, whatever you are comfortable with.

Be available and take interest: always remember that your spouse has made a huge sacrifice by having a baby of both of yours. For nine months she’ll be facing pain and discomfort to give birth to a new life which will need nurturing and care which your wife can only provide best.


The least you can do is take interest in the pregnancy and be present beside her at all times possible. Be there for prenatal and post...