Avoidant Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

A personality disorder is often difficult to treat, as people with these disorders have many problems with thinking and behaviour. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 27, 2020Updated at: Jun 15, 2020
Avoidant Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Avoidant personality disorder: People with this psychosis hesitate to meet or talk to any new person for suspicion of not being accepted by others. Such people are highly sensitive to their criticism and disdain. Despite having talent and aptitude, these people often fail in social and professional fields in life. How Common is Avoidant Personality Disorder? It is estimated that about 2.5 per cent of people in India have an avoidable personality disorder. It affects men and women alike, but now it is spreading rapidly among children. It usually starts in childhood, which increases as you get older. This disease is now taking severe form in children below the age of 18 years. According to Dr Prakhar Singh (Psychiatrist), the exact cause of this disorder is not yet known. However, it is believed that all these factors can affect genetics, environment and how they have survived.

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Avoidant Personality Disorder Causes

Some genetic causes are also responsible for submissive and negative tendencies. Apart from this, the family environment which hinders personality development and the circumstances and life-related experiences of life can also make a person suffer from this problem. If the child's parents find a deficiency in all his work and compare it to others, then the inferiority of the child becomes base. Parental quarrel and intoxicants in the father also cause a lack of confidence in children.

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Avoidant Personality Disorder Symptoms

  • When talking to others, such people are always in a dilemma and are unable to put their point effectively.
  • Such individuals want to remain in the safe environment of the family and also want to do the job in which the challenges are minimized.

  • Due to lack of confidence, such people always ignore their skills, qualities and achievements or refuse to recognize them.
  • These people also consider the positive comments made by others as serious negative comments against them and think themselves to be bad at heart.
  • Such people are unable to make decisions, and before the start of any new work, they start worrying about failure or any accident.

Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment

  • Psychotherapy occupies a prominent place in the treatment of this type of personality disorder. During psychotherapy, with the help of relatives, a person is taught methods to recognize and deal with his / her sensitivity. With the help of relatives, such a person is motivated to have a positive attitude and to understand his qualities and gain proficiency in them. Along with this, parents are trained to react positively by ignoring the shortcomings of the child. In case of such a child at home, the parents should resolve their differences in their absence. Such psychopaths spend more time with those who do not remove the shortcomings of others and listen to others. Many times, medicines are also used to relieve nervousness, depression and frustration in the person.

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  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic therapy involves exposing your unconscious thoughts. It helps you find out how your past experiences decide your behaviour. Your past emotional pains can be solved with this technique so that you can move your life forward. In this, the help of parents, siblings, friends and other family members is taken.
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