Can I Remove a Relaxer from my Hair?

Hair Care FAQs - Are you wondering on how to remove relaxer from your hair? Relaxer permanently straightens the hair so you will have to wait till the growth of new hair.

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Hair CareWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Mar 11, 2011Updated at: Feb 05, 2013
Can I Remove a Relaxer from my Hair?

When you get your hair relaxed or permed, it is a permanent hair treatment. A relaxer straightens the hair permanently, so you cannot remove it from your hair.


Hair is made up of protein. A relaxer is basically a lotion or cream that contains strong harsh chemicals. When a relaxer is applied to the hair, it changes the protein structure of the hair. So, the part of your hair that has been relaxed will never be ‘natural’ again. A relaxer cannot simply be washed out of your hair, and neither can you use a new treatment to undo its effect.


The only way to get rid of relaxed hair is to wait for your hair to grow. The new growth will be its natural texture, so you can gradually grow a relaxer out.


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